Kosovo Judo Federation Stands by Akil Gjakova Amid Domestic Violence Allegations

  • April 16, 2024 8:48 p.m

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The Kosovo Judo Federation said in a reaction on Tuesday that it believes in the innocence of judoka Akil Gjakova, who was wanted by police for “domestic violence”.

The judo federation said it condemned all forms of violence, while expressing concern over recent events in the country in which two women were killed in five days.

“We place great importance on protecting and promoting gender equality, as evidenced by the outstanding achievements and support of our female athletes.” We believe in Akil’s innocence and hope that law enforcement resolves the case as quickly as possible . Therefore, we call on the media to show caution in handling this case and to stop damaging and publicly condemning one of the figures who continues to promote the positive image of our country,” they said in their reaction.

The judo federation has stated that Akil Gjakova will hand himself in to the police as soon as he returns to Kosovo. KOHA has learned that he will turn himself in tonight.

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