Kodokan Cesena Judo Competitors Shine at 28th “Uchi Oroshi” Trophy Event

On Sunday the Kodokan Cesena Judo competitors participated in the 28th “Uchi Oroshi” trophy in Bibbiano (Reggio Emilia). The national event open to all sports promotion bodies and the Federation was organized by the Emilian sports club “Uchi Oroshi”.

Many sports clubs will compete in the tournament, for a total of around three hundred eager and well-prepared athletes. The competition opened with the verification of the weight of the female categories and then the male ones. The Judo Kodokan Cesena attended the event with a representative of five suitably trained athletes: Seniors: Marco Brandolini; juniors: Riccardo Santoro; Cadets: Samuele Romagnoli and Luca Gaetano Bonasia; Beginners B: Geremia Romagnoli. Accompanying the Cesena athletes were the tireless maestro Vladimiro Burioli; the technical-competitive manager Michael Zoffoli; the president of the Kodokan Cesena Association, Raffaella Molari and the regional technical manager Francesco Di Leonforte, as well as the parents and fans of the sports group. Given the participation of numerous high-level athletes, the race immediately proved to be highly difficult but at the same time an opportunity for growth for the children from Cesena. The five judokas of the Kodokan were not intimidated by the context; indeed, they armed themselves with great determination that brought them all to the podium.

Worth noting are the exhausting matches of the athlete Riccardo Santoro who, after having fought for a long time and dominated his opponents, suffered an ippon in the final match which took him to second place in the rankings. Bronze medal instead for the brothers Geremia and Samuele Romagnoli, for Marco Brandolini and for Luca Gaetano Bonasia. Other confirmations and just as many satisfactions from not only the athletes, but also their teachers, parents and those who have invested time and resources to achieve these objectives. Results of this type do not happen immediately, but are the result of long and tiring team work, where everyone invests their part to ensure that the athlete can reach his maximum potential. Next and important Kodokan appointment: exams to achieve 5th dan black belt for masters Moreno Montalti and Maurizio Ferrari. A big “Good luck” to the two examinees.

2024-04-11 08:30:09
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