Kobe Bryant’s Generosity: The Night He Saved Paul George’s Finances

By Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

Kobe Bryant was a hard worker, a gym-goer, but he also knew how to go out and have fun. Paul George had the chance to meet him one evening, and as he explained, he was very surprised by a crazy gesture from the Mamba.

In the history of the NBA, there are few players who can stand up to Kobe Bryant in terms of preparation. The Mamba was obsessed with only one thing when he was active, winning, and he was ready to do anything to achieve them. As many teammates have explained over the years, he was always the first to arrive at the gym for practice, and always the last to leave.

And a bit like a Michael Jordan, number 8/24 did not hesitate to make life difficult for his partners. The playoffs are a long war, and he only accepted soldiers in his locker room. Mickaël Gelabale, for example, paid the price during his short stint with the Lakers. If demand had a face in this microcosm, it would certainly be that of Kobe.

When Kobe Bryant saved Paul George’s finances

But be careful, from time to time, Kobe allowed himself the right to go out and party. And obviously, when he was in the mood, he was not distinguished by his generosity. In his podcast, Paul George told an anecdote about the most beautiful assist of the Mamba’s night career. Obviously, he knew how to reward the league’s rising stars.

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When I was at Team USA camp with the youth team, we went out with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. At that time I didn’t know I was going to become this player, so I didn’t spend anything. They were already showing things, so they wanted to take bottles of champagne. I didn’t want to be the only one who refused. We were with some girls in the square, but all I was thinking about was the amount I was going to have to spend.

At one point we were quietly on the bench, someone touched my shoulder. It was Kobe. He said to us: “Enjoy your evening”. The waitress came to tell us that he had paid for all our bottles for us. Afterwards I was able to have a big evening, I was relieved, we held the bottles in front of the girls and posed with them.

Kobe Bryant may have been an individualist on the court, but he was rather generous in everyday life. The proof, when he was with Team USA, he did not hesitate to buy drinks for young people who were discovering the very high level. Besides, on this evening, he had clearly saved Paul George’s bank account. He can only be grateful, even years later.

Kobe Bryant knew that young people didn’t necessarily have the means to party the way they wanted when they arrived in the NBA, so he knew how to entertain them. Paul George went from stressed about his bank account to euphoric thanks to the generosity of the Mamba.

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