KingsGP karts will use 100% renewable fuel

The Kings League will hold the finals of the current Kings and Queens League splits on the afternoon of April 20 at the WiZink Center in Madrid. And as an appetizer, they have prepared a kart competition called KingsGP, in which content creators and athletes will represent the 12 teams of the Kings League, in 12 karts that will use Repsol’s 100% renewable fuel.

The test will consist of three races, two qualifying races and the subsequent grand final, on a circuit that will run along a walkway over the grass where the matches are played, and also through the tunnels of the pavilion. The great attraction of the race will be generated by its drivers, and the test will feature drivers such as Marta García, Nerea Martí or Noel León, the former MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo, influencers such as Karchez, Ander Cortés and Nanosecso, or one of the race’s own presidents: Kun Agüero.

The karts that will compete in the race will make use of the renewable fuel that Repsol has been testing for several years in the most demanding competitions, such as the Dakar Rally, where Isidre Esteve and the Toyota Gazoo Racing team already use it, as well as the World Championship. MotoGP. The Kings GP represents one more competition in which Repsol can test its renewable fuel and obtain valuable lessons with the aim of applying them to the renewable fuel that it already distributes in more than 150 service stations distributed between Spain and Portugal.

2024-04-18 10:23:05
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