Kevin Cordón Advances to Semifinals of Pan American Badminton Guatemala 2024

The country’s number one racket delivered! Kevin Cordón qualified for the semifinals of the Badminton Pan American Guatemala 2024after having won their first three games of the tournament that takes place in the country.

Los national teams were presented at the Teodoro Palacios Flores Gym to look for the victories that could place them among the best badminton athletes of the area. Below we will tell you how Cordón won his pass to the semi-final round. What a chilero!

Kevin Cordón qualified for the semifinals of the Pan American Badminton Guatemala 2024

The first national racket and second of the Pan American Championship since its presentation in the first broken He showed his superiority and talent on the court. Accompanied by Guatemalan fans Kevin Cordon He achieved his first victory against the also Guatemalan Diego Trujillo Marrero whom he beat 2-0 with partials of 11/21 and 7/21.

This is how Kevin showed up at the Zone 5 Gym on Thursday focused on winning the meeting of the round of 16. The rival was his compatriot Jose Ochoa, who arrived after having beaten the Argentine Nicolás Oliva 2-0. With determination and skill, Cordón dominated the meeting with a final result of 2-0, with partials of 11/21 and 11/21, thus consolidating their advance to the next stage of the tournament.

Already placed in the quarter finalsthe match was very hard-fought and demanding for Cordón, who needed three sets to achieve his place in semi-finals. The rival was the Peruvian Víctor Lai, whom he beat 2-1, with partials of 21/15, 16/21 and 21/10. This triumph catapulted him to the semi-finals of the Pan American championship, where he hopes to meet his next rival.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: In the image Kevin Cordón qualified for the semifinals of the Pan American Badminton in Guatemala 2024. (Credit: CDAG)

What’s coming for Kevin Cordón in the Pan American

For the Guatemalan delegationthe day had complicated moments, because some of the figures such as Nikté Sotomayorwho fell 2-0 against the Brazilian with partial scores of 21/14 and 21/14 and with this Guatemala was left without participation in the female branchnor in doubles in both categories.

The path to success in Pan-American It has not been easy for Kevin Cordón, but his dedication, talent and determination have led him to overcome each obstacle with mastery. His remarkable performance in each match reflects not only his physical ability, but also his ability to remain calm and focused at crucial moments.

Definitions of the tournament in Guatemala

Cordón has shown once again why he is a leading figure in the world of badmintonand his continued advancement in the tournament is reason for pride for Guatemala and for all your followers. With every victory, Kevin Cordon is one step closer to the title of champion in the tournament held in the country, and his determination and talent promise even more intense emotions in the final stages of the tournament.

Cordón prepares to contest the semi-finals in it Teodoro Palacios Flores Gymwhere the matches will continue on Friday, April 12, 2024, where Kevin hopes to win his fourth victory, which would mean playing the championship title. What a chilero!

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: In the image a Guatemalan player plays in the Pan American Badminton Championship in Guatemala 2024. (Credit: CDAG) Lito, el Quetzalito, answers your questions

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