Junior Draws 1-1 Against Envigado in Betplay League Matchday 16

Betplay League

The shark ended up drawing 1-1 against the ‘Quarry of Heroes’ on matchday 16.

Junior League 2024
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April 13, 2024, 08:22 p.m. m.

After their participation in Libertadores against Universitario, Junior returned to competition in Liga BetPlay 2024-I to continue fighting for the possibility of qualifying for the home runs and against Envigado, the shark was looking for a victory, which in the end ended up being difficult, since They barely tied 1-1.

The first half between the two was quite even and there were very few arrivals for the teams, although Envigado’s defensive system was important to prevent Junior from being able to arrive in an intense manner.

Added to Junior’s irregular start was the fact that he had the opportunity to open the scoring via a penalty, but the VAR ended up canceling that option for the locals, generating a bit of controversy.

Given the few clear goal options for Junior and Envigado, the first 45 minutes were a draw, so the complement was going to be decisive for Sharks and Envigadeños.

However, the team that ended up taking the lead was Envigado, after an attack that ended up being devastating for Junior.

Luis Díaz, the young 19-year-old player, made a half scissors in the area and hit with power to knock down the goal defended by Santiago Mele, who did not see that shot coming that made it 1-0 for the visit.

Although it seemed that Junior was not going to find his way, the accelerator came and around the 66th minute Carlos Bacca ended up scoring a goal after hunting down a rebound after a header from Marco Pérez that hit the post.

The game leveled out and the actions began to take center stage, especially for Junior who began to attack constantly to score the second goal, but unfortunately they had the expulsion of Walmer Pacheco which conditioned the team in the last 15 minutes.

The arrivals for both teams were minimal, but Junior with one less tried to achieve victory and the one who was most intense in attack was Marco Pérez, who fought with the defenders to be that different, but it did not end up being enough to reach that longed for goal.

In the end, Junior equalized by one goal and this result leaves them seventh with 25 points, while Envigado, already eliminated, was left with 16 points.

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