Judo Event Brings Athletes Back to Training at PalaBorsani of Castellanza

Saturday 6 April and Sunday 7 Aprilafter the break imposed by the pandemic, the two-day event that brought judo back to the world took place PalaBorsani of Castellanza.

The event kept the athletes busy on Saturday with training led by the Olympic athlete Nicolas Mungai and 500 young judokas on Sunday, events sponsored by the municipality of Castellanzadal Lombard regional committee Fijlkam and from ASC regional committee.

Approximately one hundred and fifty people attended Saturday divided into two shifts by age group, to have fun with Nicolas, the athlete who represented our nation at the Tokyo Olympics.

Precise in his explanation of the techniques, the athlete from the army sports group did not fail to “question” those present to see if they had understood the explanation of his favorite techniques and in the end he rewarded them by challenging them in randori (fights) both in feet on the ground. The very young people under 15 who never thought they would be able to challenge him in single combat were especially happy.

Sunday the twenty-second edition of the City of Castellanza meeting midori trophy which saw boys and girls aged between 4 and 11 “challenge” each other in tests of motor, technical and combat skills representing 32 associations from across our region.

First place in terms of number of members The strength and faith of Varesein front of the Ken Kyu Kai Somma Lombardo ed al Judo Legnano.

“500 mini judocas, 7 tatamis set up, 38 volunteers to help us, from the timekeepers to the scoreboard operators, from the security to the mothers who accompanied the children from the weight room to the main room and from there to the awards ceremony, without forgetting those who managed the podium and awards ceremonies and our frog mascot Francesco-” commented the president with satisfaction Cristina Bonizzoni “- Demonstration started at 9 am and ended at 2 pm.”

“Have we made some mistakes? Surely. Could we have done something better? Everything is perfectible-” urges the maestro Neri Perego“-but seeing the children’s smiles at the end of the event is incredibly satisfying.”

“Thanks to all you guys at Judo Club Castellanzato the volunteers present at the friends of “The Showcase of Professions” e “EVERY PROJECT” who with their contribution supported us for the success of the two events. It is thanks to your enthusiasm that we organize these events-” the president recalled Matteo Montorfanowhich concludes with “-see you in 2025, stay tuned to find out about the next events we will organize”

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