Judo Club Reflects on Challenges and Celebrates Achievements at General Meeting

The judo club, which has around a hundred members, organized its general meeting in the presence of the municipality. The 2021-2023 period was not easy, between the difficult recovery after Covid and the search for supervisors. But President Dominique Vialleton remained positive: “The various challenges encountered in recent years have strengthened us. » He also wanted to thank former members for showing solidarity.

On a sporting level, the club has obtained departmental and regional titles and with the highlight being qualification for the French championships. The club also has three new black belts. Several projects are on the program for 2024. Starting with the organization of children’s courses, self-defense, mass training. An interclub should take place in June. Various internships are on the program during the school holidays. “Following the success of the two evenings organized, we plan to add a self-defense course next September. »

2024-04-13 13:58:27
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