Judo Champion Knocked Out in MMA Debut Against Influencer in 10-Second Fight

Judo champion Drobenka Kotlarova had an unfortunate debut in the mixed martial arts after suffering a resounding defeat against his rival in a fight in which not even more than 10 seconds had passed.

Kotlarova He confronted the actress and influencer Regina Labayova, who didn’t even have to put his hands in to beat his rival in a curious scene that has quickly gone around the world thanks to social networks.

The fight took place in Czech Republic and although everything seemed to indicate that Kotlarova would take the victory due to their enormous difference in weight and heightin addition to his knowledge in martial arts, the result was unexpected.


Judo champion is knocked out in an MMA fight

The judoka champion walked towards her rival, while Labajova tried to keep her distance and escape from the fighter; However, at one point in the conflict Kotlarova pounced on the influencer, tripping on the canvas and crashing into the bars of the fighting cage.

Due to its heavy weight, Kotlarova ended up knocked out on the canvas and required medical assistance and several minutes of recovery so he could not continue giving up the fight in favor of his rival.

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The contest was held in Phaha Unyp Arena of the Czech capital as a function of MMA which usually pits ordinary people against rivals from higher categories, very popular fights in this region.

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