Join the Elite: Senior Training Program for Youth Players at HBK

Welcome to senior training for selected youth players

Senior training youth players is a team offered to the club’s oldest youth players (16-18 years). The training takes place together with HBK’s senior players, where the players will face opposition from some of the club’s best players. The youth players will also take part in matches across age groups, so that they are also strengthened in versatility on the field.

A really good team to join as it creates relationships and provides a really good foundation for the day you become a senior player yourself.

NOTE: This team is only for invited players and any registration must therefore be done through sports manager Finn Træup-Hansen, just as it is a condition that you are registered and participate at min. a youth team.

At Horsens Badminton Club, we are happy for each and every member and would like to have more. If your child wants to try whether HBK is right, you are more than welcome.

More info – such as season start and training hall – can be seen under “General info for Youth” under the “Youth” tab.

Interested in hearing more about the training team?

Then get in touch – via email – to:

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