Jil Teichmann Makes a Comeback at Billie Jean King Cup After Long Injury Break


Jil Teichmann is back at the start of the Billie Jean King Cup after a long break due to injury and a persistent lack of form.

Jil Teichmann has not been on the tennis court competitively since he lost qualifying for the Transylvania Open in February due to injury. Now the 26-year-old is in Captain Heinz Günthardt’s squad for the home game in the Billie Jean King Cup against Poland. It is still unclear whether there will be enough for operations in Biel on Friday or Saturday.

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Difficult tennis year 2023

Teichmann has been looking for her form for a long time. In mid-August 2022, Teichmann was in 21st place in the world rankings and was seeded in the major tournaments. A few months earlier, she had even reached the Grand Slam round of 16 for the first time at the French Open.

Since then not much has worked for Teichmann, only once, in Adelaide in January 2023, did she manage to win 3 games in a tournament. Until her injury break, she slipped to 161st place, and now she is even at 213th place.

I have to learn to win again.

After the dip in form and the break due to injury, the Swiss wants to come back: “I’m in the process of rebuilding myself, mentally, physically and as far as tennis is concerned.” She finds clear words: “I have to learn to win again.” Or as Captain Günthardt puts it in one word: “Self-confidence is the main component.”

It is therefore not surprising that Teichmann was not doing well until he was injured. It quickly happens that you can get into a downward spiral in tennis: “With self-confidence you win the close matches. She lost a lot of close matches, so she lacked match practice and self-confidence.”

Recharge your self-confidence – already in Biel?

At 26, Teichmann is the oldest in Günthardt’s squad, and it is still questionable whether she will be on the court. Günthardt says that she still needs a lot of margin compared to training because “you can’t simulate matches in training”. At Teichmann they don’t want to take any risks.

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