Jean-Louis Gasset Discusses Future at the Helm of OM

At the head of OM since February 20, Jean-Louis Gasset (70 years old) signed up for a mission of only a few months to end the season. After putting the team back on track, the last performances were more difficult with five defeats in a row. In Provencethe OM technician spoke about his future.

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” My future ? I don’t think about tomorrow. I told my mother: “I’ll be here in a month.” She’s waiting for me. What if I thought about staying? No, I wanted to know, vibrate, feel OM. And maybe it will be even stronger than what I’ve known. There is room for it to be even stronger, I want it” he explained to the Marseille newspaper. Before thinking about the future, Jean-Louis Gasset and his team will meet tomorrow at the Orange Vélodrome for the second leg of the Europa League quarter-final against Benfica.

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