“It’s nonsense”, OM supporters fear being deprived of a stadium

While more than 2,000 OM supporters have arrived or will arrive in Lisbon on Thursday, their tickets for the match against Benfica have been deactivated.

Will Olympique de Marseille fans be able to watch their team’s quarter-final against Benfica at the Stade de la Luz this Thursday? In any case, they are already present in numbers in Lisbon, tickets paid and in hand. But these were deactivated on Tuesday by the Portuguese club, in response to a possible travel ban for its own fans during the return match in a week in Marseille.

“People are all there or arriving. Everyone is up »explained to AFP Christian Cataldo, head of the Dodgers, one of the main groups of OM supporters, who remained in Marseille. “They took plane tickets, hotels… You can’t cancel all that like that. It makes no sense ! We just hope it doesn’t go badly.”he added.

In direct contact with Rui Costa, president of Benfica, Pablo Longoria continues to push for a solution to be found. On Wednesday, he assured that he would not attend the match if OM supporters were banned from entering the stadium. In the meantime, the Portuguese police have announced that a device “reinforced” would be set up to support OM fans in the city center, but also around the stadium and on the public transport network.


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