Israeli Athletes Instructed to Keep Quiet on Political Situation During Paris Olympic Games

Israeli athletes have been instructed not to speak out on the current situation in Israel or war-related issues during the Olympic Games in Paris next summer, broadcaster Kan revealed. Israeli public this Thursday. This directive given by the Israeli Olympic Committee aims to ensure that athletes focus solely on their performances and avoid being disrupted by anti-Israeli demonstrations that may take place on the sidelines of the events.

“We want the athletes not to be interviewed and talk about the situation before the competition so that they concentrate,” said Israeli Olympic Committee President Yael Arad. “Anyone who hasn’t competed in the Olympics doesn’t know how much stress an athlete is under. »

“Even our most experienced athletes will need to be silent to be one hundred percent physically and mentally,” added the former Israeli and European judo champion, speaking of her own experience. “This is their job, their specialty and until they finish their competition, this is what they are supposed to do. »

Different treatment for Israel and Russia

The former Olympic vice-champion and world vice-champion clarified that at the end of their respective competitions, the athletes will be allowed to express themselves as they wish during press conferences. “I would like and we would all like them to win. The best advocacy for Israel is victory, there is none better than Hatikva (Israeli national anthem) and our flag on the podium,” she stressed.

Emmanuel Macron justified on Monday the difference in treatment applied to the Olympic Games between Russia, excluded as a nation for having decided on “a war of aggression” in Ukraine, and Israel, whose flag will be present, because it was not “ attacker”.

Between Russia and Israel, it is “a very different situation”, President Emmanuel Macron responded on BFMTV-RMC to the LFI deputies and environmentalists who demanded, in vain, at the end of February from the IOC, “to apply to Israel, during the next Olympic Games, the same sanctions as against Russia and Belarus.

“Israel was the victim of a terrorist attack (…). We can disagree with Israel on how to respond and protect ourselves, but we cannot say that Israel is an attacker and therefore the distinction is very clear,” he said.

“That’s why the Israeli flag will be there. The athletes will be there and I also hope that they will be vectors of peace, added the French president. Because they will have to compete with many players in the region. »

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