Inter, the championship chant ‘And for the people who’: the story

The little song from the Curva Nord that accompanied Lautaro and his teammates in last season’s European journey was the ‘magic formula’ of the second Nerazzurri star, propitiating the goal of Inzaghi’s team on several occasions by shouting: “Internazionali you have to win!”


In the year of Tripletthe magic formula was the invocation to Principe: “And it’s the North that asks you, Diego Milito score us a goal”. The vibrations of that collective prayer, the reverberation of the sound that bounced from one ring of San Siro to another to reach the hearts and bellies of Mourinho’s players unleashed such an energetic discharge in the air that something fantastic, right on time, happened (especially in the month of May, when the gravitational interaction, the attraction between any ball touched by the Argentine attacker and the goal reached its maximum complicity: ecstasy). Last season, a phenomenon Newtonian similar illuminated the European journey of Simone Inzaghi’s boysgrowing in intensity asLuz Stadium of Lisbon, which already contains a mystical component in itself (it is not for nothing that it is nicknamed “A Catedral”): as the new choral song of the Nerazzurri people arose, Inter reciprocated on the pitch with a sweet wonder of the Babà Brothers, Sticks and Stretcher. A choir that goes like this: “And for the people who/Love only you/For all those kilometers I traveled for you/International you must win!”.


The goal dance

The ‘pagan’ rite accompanied the crusade of Lautaro and the other knights who wanted to do the feat like a mantra, up to Istanbul: but to Ataturk the ‘good vibes’ of the ballad and its scenographic setting irradiated by the torches of the mobile phones seemed running out of battery. Had Rodri broken the spell forever? No way! In September, Inter starts again more energized than ever, reaping the fruits of the propitiatory song already in October, at the ‘Meazza’ with the Bologna: the goal dance had started about ten seconds ago Unripe first and one minute later Martinez they reinforce the electromagnetic nature of the ritual. Which turns out to be even more powerful than 2023: the correspondence between choir and goals works with Salzburg (Sanchez) and Lazio (Thuram)confirming itself as a case to be studied against the Genoa, again at San Siro. Yes: the Northern fans – on strike due to the decision of the police to ban the entry of flags and drums – only showed up at the half hour mark, at 0-0, welcomed by the entire stadium with the cry of “Internazionale you must win”. A few seconds later, the game is over: Asllani’s advantage arrives like a sentence.

The scientific explanation (if there is one)

The good ones call it ‘Love frequency’, also known as the ‘Miracle Frequency’. It is no mystery that listening to music – in our case, forcing it a little, to the choir in question – constitutes a notable stimulus, since it produces motivation and the desire for reward in the nerve cells, releasing the dopamine: a neurotransmitter, a substance that allows neurons to communicate with each other and participate in the control of voluntary movement, developing memory skills and other important cognitive functions. During a love relationship – the one between fans and the team is, in fact – an overproduction of dopaminergic neurons occurs, which explains the high level of energy, the vibrations emitted. The love frequency ‘travels’ at 528 Hertz (oscillations per second) and propagates in all forms: for oneself, the family, the universe. For Inter. And… for the people who.



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