Intense competition in badminton group championship: Narrow margins lead to unpredictable outcomes

Rarely has a badminton group championship taken place with so little difference. “Two teams are going down. If we consider that La Chapelle-sur-Erdre (44) is left behind, one of the five remaining will accompany him to the lower floor. This is an unprecedented scenario. I have never seen that. We regret having had several injuries during the season. We had the potential to play leading roles,” commented Stanislas Raud, president. In this group 7 of N3, before the last day of this Saturday April 20, three points separated Saint-Jacques first and Brest fifth. In the end, despite its defeat against Fulme-Ille (2-6) for the tenth and final day, Saint-Brieuc finished fourth and remained in N3. A big sigh of relief for the staff and managers who will be able to focus on the Griffon Tournament scheduled for May 25 and 26 in Steredenn.

2024-04-21 14:34:02
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