Inside Look: How the NBA Play-in Tournament Works

How do Plays work in the NBA?

Launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and the famous Orlando bubble, the Play-in tournament with its current format will be played from 2021 between the regular season and the playoffs, and determines the last two qualifiers (1 per conference) for the rest of the season. In all, 8 teams (4 per conference) will compete for the last tickets to the direct elimination rounds. The franchises ranked 7th to 10th in the East and West are involved. As you can see, the top 6 teams automatically qualify for the play-offs, while the franchises in 11th to 15th place have already put an end to their season.

There are therefore only 4 places up for grabs to reach the play-offs! It should be noted that unlike the latter, in the play-ins there is no system whereby the first team with 4 victories qualifies. In the play-offs, single matches are played and the winner advances to the next round. The principle is simple: the team ranked 7th in the regular season plays against the team ranked 8th. The winner qualifies. The loser, however, has a second chance to continue their season, as they will face the winner of the match between the ninth and tenth!

Format Play-in

  • Match 1 -> the seventh plays against the eighth of each conference: the two winners advance to the play-offs
  • Match 2 -> the 9th ranked team plays against the 10th of each conference: the two winners qualify for a second match
  • Match 3 -> the two losers of match 1 play against the two winners of match 2: the two winners advance to the play-offs


The Play-in calendar

The In-Season Tournament runs from April 17-19, 2024! The play-offs, however, will resume directly on April 20th and could last until June 15th, depending on how long the matches will be held during the various series.

  • Night of the 17th: Game between the Pelicans (7th) and Lakers (8th) at 1:30 and Kings (9th) and Warriors (10th) at 4:00 PM West.
  • Night of the 18th: game between Sixers (7th) and Heat (8th) at 1.00 and Bulls (9th) and Hawks (10th) at 3.30 in East.
  • Night of the 19th: the two matches between the loser of the 7th vs 8th match and the winner of the 9th vs 10th match.

A very interesting calendar awaits the 8 franchises in a rather short space of time, after an already very demanding regular season. Big clashes are expected, so keep an eye out for any bets to be placed.


Our predictions for the teams that qualified for the Playoffs

Who will be the last 4 franchises to reach the play-offs and compete for the title in the NBA predictions? Analysis and predictions from our experts to follow!

Out west, we start with the Lakers qualifying against the Pelicans. LeBron James and his teammates are no strangers to games like this and have enough experience to overcome them, especially the King Lebron. In the second match of this Conference, we can imagine a similar match for the Warriors, who have great experience and a player of the caliber of Stephen Curry. We see them being able to defeat the Kings and then the Pelicans in quick succession, although obviously it won’t be easy. Our prediction for the West: Lakers and Warriors qualify for the playoffs!

As for the Eastern Conference, it is easy to imagine that the Sixers prevail against the Heat in the first game, thus securing their ticket to the playoffs. Miami should then fight in a second game, against the winner of Bulls vs Hawks. In this case, we can imagine that DeMar DeRozan’s franchise wins the first game against Trae Young’s team, before losing against Jimmy Butler’s Heat. Once again, it will be a hotly contested play-in game. Our prediction in the East: the Sixers and the Heat qualify for the playoffs!


NBA playoff qualification odds

Here is a comparative table of the odds offered by bookmakers for qualifying for the NBA playoffs.

SnaiBet365GoldbetPhiladelphia 76ers1,081,062-Miami Heat1,201,181,18Los Angeles Lakers1,201,181,22New Orleans Pelicans1,251,231,22Golden State Warriors3,753,503,50Chicago Bulls5,005,505,00Sacramento Kings5,005,755,00Atlanta Hawks7,507,507,50


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