INM denies aggression against migrants in Cd. Juárez – El Sol de México

The National Migration Institute (INM) denied that agency personnel will generate any type of aggression against foreigners who are in the city of Chihuahua and that on the contrary, it was the federal agents who were the object of the aggression.

Through a statement they strongly condemned the aggression perpetrated by a group of foreign migrants against Federal Immigration Agents (AFM), who clarified that the agents in question were not carrying weapons at the time of the events.

The incident took place on Juan Pablo II Street, Aeropuerto neighborhood, where a group of migrants of various nationalities, who maintain an irregular settlement in the area, entered patios of the privately owned railway station.

During the altercation, they set fire to an ATV belonging to the company Ferrocarriles de México (FERROMEX) and threw bottles, sticks and stones towards the AFM present at the scene from a nearby bridge.

The INM categorically denies the accusations of aggression towards a migrant woman by its staff, as alleged to justify the protest. Furthermore, it is clarified that the AFM did not confront the migrants at any time, but rather were the object of direct attacks.

One of the officers received electric shocks from a gun in the possession of one of the attackers, while another suffered back injuries due to the impact of a forcefully thrown stone.

In response to these serious events, the INM has filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) against those responsible, committing to provide all the evidence necessary to clarify the facts and bring the guilty to justice.

The INM reaffirms its commitment to working towards safe, orderly and regular migration, in strict accordance with the law, and calls for mutual respect and non-violence as ways to resolve differences and conflicts.

2024-04-14 03:58:29
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