Ingo Freyer’s Heroic Feat: Saving Bundesliga Teams from Relegation Three Years in a Row

Which number do you have to choose when there is a fire in the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga? Forget “112” – use Ingo Freyer’s (53) cell phone number!

In 2022, the super “firefighter” saved EWE Baskets Oldenburg from relegation. In 2023 he saved the Syntanics MBC from going into the second division. Now he is preparing to achieve the feat for the third time in a row with the MLP Academics Heidelberg. At the Veolia Towers Hamburg his team won 83:79 (42:41).

Heidelberg had NEVER won against the towers before. Now this horror series also ended. However, Freyer remained calm afterwards: “We fought until the end and matched the intensity and aggressiveness of the tower.”

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His counterpart Benka Barloschky (36), however, is completely different. The Hamburger was very angry – at the referee crew around Gentian Cici. “For me this is a scandal, the final situation,” he said in an interview with TV partner Dyn.

The scene that was the last straw for him: 5 seconds before the end, Hamburg’s top scorer Aljami Durham (25) went to the basket and could have equalized to 81:81. But he fell after contact with Jeffrey Carroll (29). However, the foul whistle didn’t come…

Barloschky angry: “I’m not at all concerned with Al Durham’s drive. I care about Oleg Dziewa getting fouled on the rebound and I care about Akeem Vargas flopping up the middle. And in such a crucial situation there is no whistle. Choose one of the three situations and blow the whistle. It’s all foul, take your pick.”

“Scandal!” Bundesliga coach accuses referee

“I hope that this has consequences and that it is put on the table. Letting the referees decide the game just hurts.”

But then he also admitted: “We lost 18 possessions, we left 10 points at the free throw line, we gave up ten offensive rebounds. That decides the game. We had another horrible day from the three-point line.”

Barloschky got too hot after just two minutes and took off his jacket.

Both teams missed a lot in the first half of a rather mediocre Bundesliga game. The Towers once again lost ten possessions by the break – Heidelberg, as usual, threw a lot of three-pointers, but only scored from eleven attempts (27 percent). The effort on the unpopular Monday in front of the negative crowd of only 2,307 fans was right. But these errors…

Baskets in bomb formOtis Livingston excels with 30 points

Source: DYN MEDIA08.04.2024

The guests came out of the break with more energy and pulled ahead (58:52/27th). Top scorer Justin Jaworski (24/312 points), through whom almost everything went, played a major role. And which the Towers never got under control.

But in the last quarter the battle of attrition becomes noticeable. Heidelberg’s Isaiah Whaley (26) and Marcel Keßen (27) have to go down after the fifth foul. Consequence: The Towers work their way back (72:70/(35th). Then the excitement comes five seconds before the end!

Doubly bitter for Hamburg: Not only do they lose for the first time in the season against a team that is below them in the table. But much worse: Durham injures his right knee during the action!

Barloschky: “The referees will take a look at that. They will get better too. But once again: You don’t lose the game because of the last situation.”

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