Inefi Renovates Sports Facilities at Salesian Sacred Heart of Jesus School

The National Institute of Physical Education (Inefi) continued its delivery of props and renovation of fields in the country’s educational centers, this time the students of the Salesian Sacred Heart of Jesus Schoolfrom the sector Villa Juanain the National District.

The event was led by executive director of Inefi, Alberto Rodríguez Mellawho highlighted that the donation and renovation of the basketball, volleyball and badminton court They aim to continue encouraging the development of sports and school recreation.

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He maintained that, with this gesture, Inefi also seeks to ensure that there is a approach and greater interaction between the students and physical education teachers of that student body.

Rodríguez Mella was received by the father Santiago Martín, general director of the Salesian work Sacred Heart of Jesus, who defined as “very significant” Inefi’s contribution to that educational institution.

The students Luisanna Jeffry Cepeda and Sofía Pérez also expressed their gratitude for the delivery made by the decentralized organization.

In addition to Santiago Martín, Alberto Rodríguez Mella was accompanied at the table of honor by Cristian D’ Oleo, director of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Polytechnic; Ronaldo Yoardy, director of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Primary School, and Belkis Mendoza, head of human resources.

2024-04-06 00:15:25
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