Ice hockey: One goal is enough for Salzburg to win their opening final


The defending champion started the final series of the win2day ICE Hockey League with an away win. Red Bull Salzburg won the first game of the “Best of Seven” series in Klagenfurt against KAC on Friday evening 1-0 after extra time. Paul Huber became the match winner with a goal in the 65th minute. The second duel takes place on Sunday (5.30 p.m.) in Salzburg.

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The duel between the best team of the regular season and the defending champions was characterized by measured risk, consistent defensive work and strong goalkeepers on both sides. This was only the second time in the play-off league history that there was no goal in regular time.

In overtime, Huber scored the victory in front of 4,400 spectators. “Pure emotions, I’m super happy,” said the 23-year-old immediately after his winning goal.

KAC mostly determines the game

The KAC, without the ailing captain Thomas Hundertpfund, got into the game quite well after a week’s break and was mostly the team that dominated the game. However, Salzburg found their first big chance after the Carinthians suffered a major loss, but Mario Huber was unable to overcome goalkeeper Sebastian Dahm.

After that, the Klagenfurt team didn’t allow anything in the first third and had three good opportunities, the biggest from Lukas Haudum, who hit the crossbar after a shorthanded counterattack (18th).

After a goalless middle period, Salzburg’s penalty killing was called for in the third third. After a check on Matt Fraser that was too deep, Ryan Murphy received a five-minute-plus-game-time disciplinary penalty, but Salzburg’s outnumbered game worked brilliantly. On the counterattack, Florian Baltram even had the chance to give the guests the lead (53′).

win2day ICE Hockey League, Finale


KAC – Salzburg 0:1 n. IN.

(0:0 0:0 0:0 / 0:1)

Tor: P. Huber (65.)

Penalty minutes: 6 or 11 plus 20

Stand in der „Best of seven“-Serie: 0:1


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