“I knew Alcaraz was good, but winning two ‘bigs’ so young is impressive”


The captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team, David Ferrer, is clear that it is “impressive” that Carlos Alcaraz already has two ‘Grand Slams’ being so “young”, while Rafa Nadal, who this Tuesday played a match again at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, he does not doubt that “the important thing is that he plays and does not get injured” given that Roland Garros and the Olympic Games are approaching.

“I never imagined that I could see a player with that scale of tennis value. I knew he was good, but so young, winning two ‘Grand Salm’ is already impressive, let’s enjoy him,” Ferrer acknowledged this Tuesday in a meeting with journalists organized by ‘Lexus’, sponsor of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell of which he is its director.

The man from Murcia has finally not been able to be in the Barcelona tournament due to a new injury, something that the man from Jávea attributes to the fact that “at that age they play more games than someone else who does not win as many games and whose level of demand and tension is lower.” “It happened to Rafa (Nadal) too,” he recalled.

Regarding the Spaniard, who could face his last year, he asked to “enjoy what you can” and warned that “everything has a beginning and an end.” In any case, he saw him “good” in his victory on Tuesday against the Italian Flavio Cobolli and considered that “of course, he has the capacity” to improve such as serving “stronger.” “That he plays games so that he has rhythm, but the important thing is that he plays and that he does not get injured because there is little left for Roland Garros,” he stated.

As captain of Davis, he will have to choose the players who will compete in the Paris Olympic Games where he considers the one from El Palmar and the one from Manacor permanent, “as long as they are both well.” “I hope they are both there to play singles and doubles. They are eager and want to play together, I won’t be the one to tell them no,” he said with a smile. “It would be amazing, I hope,” he added.

Ferrer also spoke about his role as director of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, an event that he considers “historic”, especially because, “like Monte Carlo and Rome”, it is held in “a tennis club” and “a different affection” is transmitted. . “Tennis started in the clubs, now it needs more space and capacity and courts are being built on the outskirts,” he said.

The man from Alicante confessed that he had been coming to this tournament “since he was 6 years old.” “Then I came as a player and now I am as a director, so I feel like it’s mine, really, there is a feeling, I’m not saying it to look good,” he remarked.

In any case, he felt “much better on the track” than in this managerial aspect, although this “on a personal level is fine.” “When you stop playing you can continue to be linked to tennis and evolve professionally. They are different stages, I am very well now,” she admitted, making it clear that she does not “miss” tennis. “I ended up calm. I retired when I was 37 and you miss when you won, you miss when you win, but when you know that you are no longer at the level you have to move on to another stage,” he commented.

‘Ferru’ acknowledged that in this edition of the Godó they are “very happy about everything” and that “practically everything is sold”, while in sports it was “something very important” to be able to have Rafa Nadal. “It was amazing to see the court full at his game,” he celebrated.

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