High Risk Security Operation Ensures Safety at Superclásico in Córdoba

The Police harangue prior to the superclassic

The Mario Alberto Kempes stadium brought together, for the first time in six years, the two most important fans of Argentine soccer, with a historic rivalry. River Plate and Boca Juniors faced each other for a place in the League Cup semi-finals in Córdoba, a place that the Xeneizes finally achieved. Beyond the result, the sporting spectacle implied a challenge for the security forces, in a meeting that was described as “high risk.”

The mega-operation, which was coordinated by the Ministry of Security of Córdoba, Juan Pablo Quinteros, deployed 2,300 troops in different parts of the province. Although several forces collaborated with preventive procedures on routes, the local police also concentrated in the surroundings and inside the stadium that captured the country’s attention.

This is how the police prepared themselves at the Kempes stadium

The objective was to avoid incidents that would spoil the party. In that sense, the security organizers looked, with special emphasis, on the movements of the Borrachos del Tablón and La Doce. To avoid crossings, a special device was even prepared for the arrival of both bars via different routes.

In this context of tension, hundreds of uniformed men gathered beforehand in a harangue that was recorded for a few seconds on video and made evident the great police deployment that there will be on and off the field. “May it (the operation) be totally successful,” Commissioner Inspector Carlos Hernández, Chief of the Infantry Guard, shouted to his troops. “The work of special units is going to be, as we are used to, excellence,” he added in front of the troops.

The great police deployment in the Superclásico between River and Boca on the routes

Hernández, in addition to his career, is known for having been shot in the back in September 2023, in the middle of a hail of stones during a violent disturbance in Villa Los Galpones. The bullet, however, was absorbed by the bulletproof vest. “I thought a rock had hit my back,” he explained to Channel 10 at the time. The police officer discovered the projectile after leaving the conflict zone. When he took off his vest he could feel the embedded lead. “It is a high caliber, maybe 9 millimeters,” he indicated at the time.

Another video sequence, meanwhile, shows the police before the doors of the Kempes, ready to enter. Sources from the local security ministry indicated to Infobae that Quinteros supervised the operation at the scene, while a 911 monitoring center, with domes and security cameras, monitored what happened in different parts of the City.

Superclassic in Córdoba

Meanwhile, the routes and entrances to Córdoba were another crucial point for security, not only for that province, but also for Santa Fe and Buenos Aires, the City of Buenos Aires, whose police deployed control procedures to avoid riots. The Gendarmerie and Federal Police joined the operation. At the entrances to the stadium, the Safe Grandstand Program was in charge of controls to ensure the right of admission.

As a result of the tasks carried out, the Ministry of National Security reported that 83 long-distance buses, around 5,000 supporters, and 25 people with the right of admission and one with a current arrest warrant were registered. Likewise, a large quantity of alcoholic beverages, sharp items (knives, scissors and sevillanas) and narcotics were seized.

“The fans enter through different routes and places. We are worried about what is going to happen on the field and in the perimeter rings, but also at the entrance to Santa Fe or Córdoba until they reach the stadium. It is a comprehensive plan,” Quinteros mentioned in dialogue with Radio La Red, in the preview.

Each club had 25 thousand seats. The millionaire fans entered Córdoba through Route 9 (Rosario-Córdoba highway), while the Xeneizes did so through Route 8, traveling through the Buenos Aires, Pergamino, Venado Tuerto and Río Cuarto sections. They left in the same way.

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