Hidramar Gran Canaria once again overcomes Avarca de Menorca and is one step away from winning its third Iberdrola League

The triumph achieved by the Olympic in the second game of the final series for the Iberdrola League title against Avarca de Menorca (3-1). The Gran Canarian team had to come back again after falling in the first set to go from less to more in a match in which Sulián Matienzo (20), Saray Manzano (18) and Laura Suárez (18) marked the differences.

He playoff moves next week to Menorcawhere the Gran Canary Islands will have two opportunities to close their fourth title of the season with what would be his third Iberdrola League.

The Hydramar started cold in the match, making too many of his own mistakes and having difficulties in defense against a Menorca that placed a 7-11 starting score that forced the local coach, Fran Carballo, to stop the match to adjust the pieces on the board.

The Gran Canarian improved their defense-blocking and forced the Balearic Islands to force more than necessary, which translated into errors in attack that led to Drink Lawrence to stop the game at 14-16 to reassure their players.

The locals grew in their game as the minutes passed. Laura Suarez It grew bigger in the center of the network and Saray Manzano next to Sulian Matienzo They were in charge of shooting the defense of a Menorca that had to consume its last timeout after the yellows turned the score (20-18).

The joy was spreading through the neighborhoods and a new 0-4 partial in favor of the Menorcans forced Fran Carballo to stop the game with a worrying 20-22 against.

The Gran Canaria coach’s scoreboard did not prevent the first partial defeat of the local team by 22-25, repeating the hesitant start of the first game in the second (0-1).

Saray and Suli put order

The yellows’ improvement continued at the start of the second set with Caroline Godoi and Laura Suárez becoming strong in the block and Sulián Matienzo machine-gunning the Balearic defense until Bep Llorens chose to stop the game after conceding three consecutive points from the Cuban receiver (11-7).

The Olympic team was going through its best moment in the game with Saray Manzano adding to the effectiveness of Sulián Matienzo and the blocks of Laura Suárez that forced the visitors to burn their second timeout with a 19-13 score.

Avarca’s resistance could not prevent the Gran Canarian team from finally equalizing the contest after winning the second round by a clear 25-17 (1-1).

Grow from defensive solidity

The attempts to Jimena Fernández and Alexandra Davenport to regain the advantage in the match they collided head-on against the defensive work of the Gran Canarian team, while Saray Manzano, Sulián Matienzo and Heloiza Pereira They tormented their rival with a constant bombardment that led the Menorcans to have to stop the game with a score of 15-11 after making three consecutive errors in their attack.

The defensive work of the locals, with a Andrea Arocha spectacular in the rearguard despaired the Balearic Islands who exhausted their second timeout with a 19-13 score on the scoreboard.

But once again it was the Olimpico who dominated the stage to take the lead in the match after Caroline Godoi closed the third act in her favor with a powerful cross shot that made it 25-17 for the yellows (2-1).

Two of two

Avarca from Menorca showed off her pride in the fourth round to enter into an exchange of blows that once again benefited the Gran Canarian team, who broke the tie thanks to the power of Heloiza Pereira and Laura Suárez, who forced the visitors’ first timeout with a 14 -11 on the scoreboard.

Carlota Jimenez, Alexandra Davenport and Jimena Fernández made the rubber but it was not enough for the Balearic Islands to take the lead on the scoreboard when they found a response to each of their actions from Heloiza Pereira, Sulián Matienzo and Saray Manzano. Llorens stopped him but the final attack of his pupils was tackled by the Gran Canaria captain with a howitzer that closed the fourth round with a 25-22 score that gave them their second victory in the final series by 3-1.



CV Hidramar Gran Canaria: Manzano (18), Suárez (18), Heloiza (10), Matienzo (20), Godoi (6), Del Burgo (1) and Arocha (libero) -starting team- Novoa, Lucre, Loane, Helia (libero), Necklace.

Avarca de Menorca: Fortuna (8), Jiménez (7), Jimena (15), Davenport (15), Amaral (9), Ivone (3) and Patricia R. (libero) -starting team- Lazurenko, Orozco (1), Gómez, De Blas (2).

Partials: 22-25, 25-17, 25-17, 25-22.

Referees: Rafael González Tabares David Fernández Fuentes.

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