Heeze Badminton Team Dominates Bakel5 with 8-0 Victory

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HEEZE – The badminton players from Heeze1 won without losing a set against Bakel5, the bottom of the rankings.

But with 8-0 and 16 sets won. Heeze had a difficult start in the mix of Dirk and Sabine. Ralph and Diana scored easily and won 21-12 / 21-10. The men’s doubles of Dirk and Jacco also went to Heeze without difficulty with two scores of 21-9.
In the women’s doubles of Sabine and Diana, the point easily went Heeze’s way with 21-10 / 21-7. Ralph also had little resistance in his girth. Jacco’s single was slightly more difficult but was still won 21-17 / 21-15. Diana also had little trouble with her opponent and won with; 21-7 /21-4. And Sabine also won in two sets, making the final score 8-0. Heeze is now in 6th place in the rankings of 13 teams.
Come play badminton on Tuesday in the De Pompenmaker sports hall in Heeze from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Please bring indoor shoes. You can borrow rackets. www.bvheeze.nl.

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