Despite the concomitances, around 160 of which about ten in the youth category on a short route of 750 meters in altitude in the Gran Etret valley. Departure on foot from Pravieux and those who will be the protagonists of the top ten of the day immediately move to the front of the group. At the Chabod refuge, the French champion Samuel Equy, returning to racing after an accident at the beginning of the season, takes the lead, followed by his compatriot Michelon, who later retired due to a broken ski, and by Sebastien Guichardaz. Meanwhile, Lena Bonnel proceeds alone in the lead of the women’s race, with her daughter Noemi Junod taking second place without leaving her until the finish line.

The arrival on the cross-country track of Pont Valsavarenche, the only section on the track of a race entirely off-piste with sections on foot, rewards the Frenchman Samuel Equy, who is no stranger to the podium in Aosta Valley races with the victory at the Tour du Rutor 2022 and second place at the 2023 Mezzalama Trophy, winner here in 2h08’28”. Second place for Sebastien Guichardaz of the Corrado Gex Ski Club in 2h11’00” and third place on the podium in 2h13’01” for the mountain guide François Cazzanelli, who set a record on Friday, 9h40″, on the route of the Giro del Gran Paradiso ski mountaineering. Cazzanelli outsprinted the fourth-placed Didier Chanoine by a second, and the top 10 was completed by Fabien Guichardaz, Henri Grosjacques, Gabriele Bardea, the Frenchman Jacques Grillet Aubert, Andrea Dellavalle and Gabriele Gazzetto.

In the women’s race, the favorite on the eve, the French Lena Bonnel, winner of the Tour du Rutor 3 weeks ago, confirmed herself on the top step of the podium in 2h35’01”, second place with an excellent performance by Noemi Junod of the Army Sports Center in 2h38′ 59”, the French Silvie Turbil third in 3h02’38”. Top ten in order for Barbara Sangalli, Amalia Laurent, Claudia Title, Chiara Musso, the Spanish Lula Martinez Perez, Maria Vittoria Passare and Simona Checcucci.

In the U20 youth race, women’s victory went to Clizia Vallet of the Corrado Gex Ski Club in 1h29’19”, while in the men’s race, success went to the promising youngster Matteo Blangero for the Tre Rifugi Ski Club who beat the competition of Cristian Rozzoni in 1h15’33” in 2nd place in 1h19’25”, Gabriele De Pieri 3rd in 1h25’02”, Elia Demicheli 4th and Erwin Barrel 5th.

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