Grand Opening of Judo Classes in Santo Tomé with Argentine National Team Member Eliana Benitez!

Starting this MONDAY, APRIL 15, there will be a new sport in the city of Santo Tomé, Ctes. (JUDO) by the teacher of “Judo and Personal Defense” ELIANA BENITEZ
– Member of the Argentine National Team
– Corrientes athlete outstanding in the JUDO field
– National Champion
– International Champion
– South American Bronze

For people who still don’t know what this sport is…
JUDO is a Japanese martial art, which is based on throws, strangulations, levers and immobilizations. What will help us implement as Personal Defense

Classes will be taught for both children and adults.

(It will have Professional Training for judokas, with titles endorsed by the Argentine Judo Confederation)✅

🥋 2024 schedules🥋
Monday and Wednesday at 8pm

📍 Club Sarmiento
(address: Sarmiento n° 942)

We are waiting for you at the GRAND OPENING!
MONDAY, APRIL 15 at 8 p.m.
(bring comfortable clothing and water)

Origin of judo

In 1882, the young jiu-jitsu expert Jigoro Kano He founded his own school to teach his knowledge in martial arts. Kano was aware that the styles of lucha of the time were always oriented towards aggressiveness and physical strength, but he believed in the importance of equilibrium in between body and mindas well as the possibility of developing the character and the moral through struggle.

For all this he ended up creating the judowhich was based on the idea of ​​using the energy and the balance to overcome a stronger opponent. It was a kind of evolution of jiu-jitsufrom which the most dangerous techniques were eliminated and from which its most valuable actions were preserved.


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