Glittering Success: Sardinian Archers Shine at the Italian 3D Championships in San Vero Milis

They shine under the sun, they glitter under the blows of a pouring rain. The Sardinian archers compete head-on with the international stars returning from the world championships in Umbria and all the other specialists from the Peninsula who have come to San Vero Milis (OR) to give life to edition no. 15 of the Italian 3D Championships.

It is the abacus who argues without frills: 4 gold, 6 silver, 7 bronze. And then comes the rest, no less impressive: the great, long-thought-out organizational ability of the hosts of the ASD Annuagras of Nurachi with the indispensable complicity of the island committee of Fitarco. Both, wittily advised by their respective presidents Ignazio Tiana and Pino Spanu, were timely in finding remedies for changes in atmospheric conditions, in tune with the onset of the autumn season.

First the pine forests of Is Benas and Is Arenas, then the grand finale on the sumptuous green of the neighboring Is Arenas Golf Club which, thanks to the generosity of the Pellò family, made an event that should not be left alone even more evocative.

Finally, there is no denying the well-known hospitality of the Sardinian people who on this occasion, thanks to a large group of volunteers, cradled the participants minute by minute, literally leaving them speechless. Among the angels of the 96 pitches distributed in the four competition fields there was also the Fitarco regional councilor Roberta Sideri: “In the midst of the pine forests and on the golf club spaces we were in close contact with the athletes – dice – giving considerable weight to the word welcome, which then concretely meant guaranteeing accompaniment, shade, fresh water, refreshment points. I believe that the competition fields remained in everyone’s hearts, because they were full of difficulties thanks to the various differences in height and the shapes positioned in inaccessible places where it was difficult to pierce them. In the midst of the downpours we gave pace to the challenges, managing to finish ahead of the normal timetable.”

The presence of two valleys at the time of the awards ceremony was curious and in reality they were the well-known Uras archers Ilaria Spanu and Debora Pinna; they thus found themselves hanging out on both sides of the barricade. The national president Fitarco Mario Scarzella admires, approves, whispers hypothetical future scenarios at a continental level, but in Nurachi and the surrounding area for now there is only the desire to enjoy the success with some substantial sleep, then who knows.


It’s not at all easy to deal with the downpours that dampen the equipment. Our valiant representatives often train with the elements at their heels and know that the arrow gains weight, the flights are prone to mood swings, the wind is always uncontrollable.

Despite everything, the fourteen-year-old featherweight Edoardo Pinna (Arcieri Uras) is carried to triumph after having excelled in the under 20 longbow. Going back, after the first day of competition, the two Torres archers climbed onto the highest podium Greta Budroni and Fabio Figuscold and concrete in the under 20 longbow team mix. The same Turritan club reaches the top of the under 20 women’s team thanks to the plays of Martina Del Duca, Carlotta Cosso and Greta Budroni. Greta increases her swag with gold in the junior women’s longbow.

As regards the places of honor the overview begins with Martina Del Duca (Arcieri Torres) who loses the final of the women’s under 20 compound. The champion from San Lure, two days earlier, had taken silver in the compound mix together with her teammate Federico Piano. Second step of the podium also for the under 20 men’s team of the Sardara Archery Team with Andrea Pasquale, Nicola Uccheddu and Alessandro Noah Melis.

Among the Arcieri shooters Mejlogu stands out Flavio Cau, Italian vice champion in the junior men’s longbow. The gold rush fades to the shoot-off Eleonora Meloni (Arcieri Uras) in the bare bow under 20, after a vibrant competition, full of emotions after which you can’t complain about anything.

The Italian player from Campidano repeats the same position with Davide Cabua in the under 20 compound mix. His company partner Daniele Raffolini adds a bronze in the over 20 compound. Like him Carlotta Cosso (Arcieri Torres) in the women’s under 20 naked bow and her partner Federico Piano in the under 20 compound. Lowest podium yet for Torres in the under 20 bare bow mix, protagonists Carlotta Cosso e Marco Fozzi and finally with the under 20 team formed by Marco Fozzi, Federico Piano and Fabio Figus. The Uras Archers women’s over 20 team is bronze with Mariella Corrias, Rita Sercis and Ilaria Spanu; same fate for Daniele Raffolini and Ilaria Spanu nel mix team over 20 arco nudo.

There are also wooden medals: in Barebow over 20 Elga Etzi (Arco Club San Giovanni Suergiu) loses the final, as does the mixed team over 20 female naked arch of the Uras archers: Giacomo Bandini, Mariella Corrias.

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