Girona beat Cadiz and qualify for Europe next season

GIRONAA Montilivi nothing is normal. But that happens when the fantasy catches you. The attraction it causes is so strong that none of the things experienced make sense. Girona is experiencing it with a mixture of happiness and disbelief. To leave the stadium totally in love and, when he gets home, to wonder if what he saw was really true or he dreamed it. Unaccustomed to ecstasy, he has come to forget the meaning of the word sadness.

In fact, they are already humming the anthem of the Champions League, with a ten point margin over Athletic when only eighteen remain. The victory against Cadiz (4-1) on a delicious night in which they showed overwhelming superiority has allowed, at the same time, to confirm their mathematical presence in European competitions next season. But he doesn’t even celebrate it, an increasingly precocious dressing room, the result of a desire he can’t contain and which makes him think about nothing but what he longs for until he gets it. This was the case with the permanence, tied at the end of February. It’s not usual, no.

Because Girona is dying to stay in this eternal sky where butterflies already give life to a stadium dedicated to good football. Míchel’s team seduces you, whispers nice words in your ear and forces everyone to fall under a spell that hopefully never ends. Eric Garcia, at nine minutes, finished off a sensational cross from Savinho; Iván Martín, at twenty-two, completed a triangulation that any other team would have been forbidden to imagine. Not Girona, because it is special.

Among other reasons, for the small details. Like Iván Martín when he scores the goal and automatically thinks of a teammate who is not having a good time. Borja Garcia, club legend and protagonist of the two promotions, has not yet been able to make his debut this season, and will now be out for another six weeks. Iván Martín took his shirt and held it up to remind everyone that success does not come only to those who shine. There are many people in the shadows doing their bit to make things go well. Success would also not be understood without them. Not without Dobyk, smaller than ever with his eighteenth goal. Portu closed the night with the fourth to counteract Escalante’s 3-1, insignificant.

Constant winks towards a destination that had the biggest surprises in store for Girona, and also the return of Toni Villa almost a year later. Now, Lugo, Osasuna, Llevant, Elche or Rayo will be talked about in a low voice, because everyone will brag about having experienced a season that will surely be Champions League for a team that plays like the angels.

Girona: Gazzaniga, Eric Garcia, David López, Blind, Miguel (Arnau, 76′), Aleix Garcia, Yangel Herrera (Jhon Solís, 58′), Iván Martín (Portu, 76′), Yan Couto, Savinho (Pablo Torre, 86′) and Dovbyk (Toni Villa, 86′). Coach: Míchel Sánchez. Cadiz: Conan, Iza, Ousou, Chust, Lucas Pires, Alcaraz, Álex Fernández (Escalante, 46′), Alejo (Sobrino, 70′), Navarro (Guardiola, 86′), Juanmi (Chris Ramos, 46′) and Maxi (Roger, 70′). Coach: Mauricio Pellegrino. Goals: 1-0 Eric Garcia (9′), 2-0 Iván Martín (22′), 3-0 Dovbyk (71′), 3-1 Escalante (81′) and 4-1 Portu (82′). Referee: Alberola Rojas (Castilian-Mancheque Committee). Yellow cards: Álex Fernández (31′), Miguel (42′) and Chust (75′). Red cards: None. Stadium: Montilivi, 12,665 spectators.

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