From Tennis Star to Hollywood Sensation: The Rise of Jannik Sinner

The Jannik Sinner phenomenon goes beyond the boundaries of tennis and lands in Hollywood: the statement shocks fans

When you win one match after another, when you establish yourself – in a relatively short time – at the top of world tennis, breaking precocity records – and not only that – after almost every match played, it is normal for your popularity to skyrocket. Jannik Sinner has now become a superstar of the noble racket sport, arousing admiration and curiosity even overseas, where he also won a tournament of ‘fair’ importance such as the Masters 1000 in Miami.

The announcement starring Jannik Sinner – is incredible

A taste of the status achieved by the South Tyrolean tennis player in the last incredible months, marked by extraordinary performances that we still have in our eyes, was had right on the court of the Hard Rock Stadium, when a certain Serena Williams wanted to personally congratulate the blue for his victory in the competition.

Visibly embarrassed at receiving so many compliments from an absolute legend of women’s tennis like the youngest of the Williams sisters, Jannik then chatted – with the cameras never losing sight of him – also with Carlos Sainz on the red clay of Monte Carlo, immediately after his victory in his debut match against Sebastian Korda.

But it is from Rome, from the press conference to present the film ‘Challengers’, released in Italian cinemas on April 24, that the South Tyrolean champion received some… particular praise. Which certainly made him blush.

Zendaya with an open heart about Sinner: “I love it”

Protagonist of the film directed by the Italian Luca Guadagnino in the role of a former champion forced to retire after a very serious injury, Actress Zendaya has always been passionate about tennis. Having to best interpret the part with the professionalism required by a Hollywood-style production – the film is signed by Warner Bros – the beautiful 27-year-old native of Oakland even took intensive lessons for three months from a former American racket legend like Brad Gilbert.

Zendaya, lavish praise for Jannik Sinner (Ansa Photo) –

Interviewed about the new phenomenon in world tennis that goes by the name of our Jannik, the superstar of American cinema indulged in a series of comments that greatly impressed both cinema and tennis fans.

Of course I know Jannik Sinner! I absolutely love his tennis. I follow his matches when I can, I’m a big fan of his. What if Jannik has an actor’s face? In my opinion yes, who knows, maybe after his career he might also learn to act. He definitely has his face“Zendaya said. It’s still early to think about what to do after tennis, but Jannik seems to already have the path clear in some way…

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