from guides on the field to professors on the bench

ROME «I am an Italian born in Brazil. At 15 I went to Europe, my grandfather is from Rovigo and I was lucky enough to have an Italian passport. When I had the chance, I had no doubts in choosing a great national team like the Italian one. However, I have never wanted to play for Brazil, even though I played for the Under 23s.” Thiago Motta’s path is clear, just as the difficulties he experienced in his time with the Azzurri were clear, from Prandelli to Conte, coming close to the title of European champion in 2012. Motta was the unwelcome native, who took away our place ( which ones then?), contested like Camoranesi, who then gained immunity as world champion. Motta resisted in the national team for five years, from 2011 to 2016 (30 appearances, 20 as a starter, 10 as a substitute, with one goal to his credit), he had a team close by, he was protected (as much as he needed it) by the senators, Buffon (“one of the best I’ve ever played with”) and De Rossi above all. Daniele himself, on the eve of the European Championship in France in 2016, had defended him from the attacks of the people, the usual suspects who did not consider him worthy of wearing the number 10 shirt.

Roma-Bologna, El Shaarawy is still there but he goes back to the left. The challenge to Orsolini has a blue flavour

«I don’t think it’s that important, if anything it is when you’re younger. She didn’t ask for it, but she accepted it just as I accepted it at her time. The people who enjoy making fun of Thiago should come and have a dribble with him and wipe their mouths, because we are talking about someone who has won everything.

From a technical point of view, perhaps he is the only one who deserves the 10. Technically he is not inferior to the number 10s of the past.” Rinse your mouth, Daniele da Coverciano’s shout for his friend-rival (they had the same role and in blue, together, they only played 14 times), a bit the same one he uses as Roma’s coach, always ready to defend his people and consider them “strong” and it is no coincidence that today they are willing, as Pellegrini says, to throw themselves into the fire for him. Motta and Daniele were friends at the Nazionale, they know each other well, they still respect each other today as coach-colleagues. They were boys, they became men. Each with their own ideas, both with one goal: to become two great technicians. Prandelli and Conte are their common teachers in blue (Daniele made his debut with Lippi and in total he wore the Italy shirt 117 times, 103 as a starter, 14 as a substitute, with 21 goals), Motta also grew up in the shadow of Gasperini (in Genoa) and Ancelotti (in Paris) and then in his time at Barcelona with van Gaal and Rijkaard and at Inter he won everything with Mourinho, who De Rossi replaced as Roma’s coach three months ago. Daniele made his debut with Capello, then stole from Spalletti, Luis Enrique, Ranieri and many others. In short, both have a bag full of advice stolen here and there. Motta has more experience, having only a year older than DDR, but he started a little earlier. De Rossi coaches a potentially stronger team than Bologna and this further enhances the work done in Emilia by Thiago, who managed to make a city dream. Tonight the two friends meet at the Olimpico, one in front of the other. Two footballer professors. Two professors as coaches.


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