From Baseball to Football: A Journey of Collaboration and Adaptation

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What the defense gives you, the defense takes back. And already, in Potenza, opposite Sorrento, Latina’s defensive department suffered a negative, surprisingly negative performance: the responsibility of the Nerazzurri defenders in all three goals of Sorrento’s victory (3-1) appears evident. Marino and Vona were surprised by Ravasio, who returned to scoring after 11 days, on the occasion of the first goal, an error during Vona’s throw-in led to Martignago’s second goal, on whose conclusion Guadagno appeared less reactive than usual, while Cortinovis committed the foul on Badje which led to the penalty then converted by Di Francesco. With the defense, however, it was the whole team that took a day off after four consecutive useful results. The usual protagonists of the performances for the Nerazzurri disappeared: Paganini, the object of particular attention from the opponents, found it difficult to find his position, Di Livio only managed to find himself at the end, something that Riccardi was unable to do while Ercolano was fell back into a completely anonymous performance which also exposed Cortinovis to Martignago’s raids.

All this despite the convincing approach, with enlightening game plots corroborated by a personality that conveyed a feeling of security that certainly did not predict the subsequent decline of the confrontation. That personality that the Nerazzurri lost once they conceded Ravasio’s goal, confirming their inability to react: only on one occasion did Latina manage to overturn the result, on 3 they drew but otherwise there were 12 defeats. The lack of reactivity brings with it the discontinuity in the results which explains why the Latina championship never took off, forced as it was to allow itself breaks precisely at the moment in which the team was called to make the turning point, to make the necessary effort to make the difference.

In Potenza, Latina suffered from the pressing of Sorrento and, as often happens to them, the sudden accelerations in which they are unable to find an immediate position, the necessary countermeasures. The different sliding speed of the ball determined by the synthetic ground could also have played a role, but here the hypothesis is not supported by the statistics. There were 10 matches played on synthetic surfaces, on five occasions Latina was defeated (Cerignola, Juve Stabia, Potenza, Virtus Francavilla and Sorrento) and on as many occasions they obtained a positive result (Avellino, Monterosi, Giugliano, Turris and Picerno).

Except for the success of Taranto, the results of the day, with the defeat of Crotone and Giugliano, still gave help to Fontana’s men, the ranking for the positions that are most interesting remained unchanged as well as the armor of the players. off. With Turris, on Sunday, comes a new chance to move up a position in the standings (Giugliano will face the desperation of Monterosi in Teramo), it is perhaps the last of the season.

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