French Badminton Players Make History at European Championships

Thom Gicquel was crowned European badminton champion

Credit: Philippe Millereau / KMSP

The feat took place on Saturday at the European badminton championships with the victory of Thom Gicquel, from Mulhousien alongside his teammate Delphine Delrue. Mixed doubles winners, they won in Saarbrücken, against the Danes Mathias Christiansen and Alexandra Boje. During this 30th edition, they are the first French people to win the European title. The duo won against the Danes on Saturday through patience and resilience. “ We knew it was going to be hard », confides Thom Gicquel after the match. Ranked 13th in the worldthe two badists welcome this victory with arms wide open, in anticipation of the Paris Olympic Games which will open on July 27.

Another victorious Alsatian

Margot Lambert, she also Mulhouseianwon Sunday alongside Anne Tran during the “ladies’ doubles” final. The French defeated the Bulgarian sisters Gabriela and Stefani Stoeva, three-time defending champions. This victory is a first for Francewho had not competed in this category since 1992. The title also allows the French to climb to 19th place in the world rankings, overtaking the Bulgarians.

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