French Badminton Players Embroiled in Olympic Doubles Selection Controversy

Paul Rouget, Media365: published on Thursday April 18, 2024 at 4:48 p.m.

Badistas Lucas Corvée and Ronan Labar could not represent France in doubles at the Paris Olympic Games, due to a calculation error by the International Federation…

A real imbroglio. While Christo and Toma Junior Popov thought they had missed qualification for the doubles tournament of the Paris Olympic Games last week in Germany, in favor of Lucas Corvée and Ronan Labar, the two brothers could finally be, due to an incredible miscalculation by the International Badminton Federation, reports RMC Sport. An error which would have been made last year, during the world mixed team badminton championship, aka the Sudirman Cup, in Suzhou. In China, France was eliminated from the group stage, with two defeats in three matches. After losing to the South Korean pair of Kang Min-Hyuk and Seo Seung-Jae (16-21, 21-18, 19-21), the Corvée-Labar duo dominated the English Ben Lane and Sean Vendy (21-19, 21-19), collecting 4,300 points in the world rankings. Except that they would have received 400 points too many…

The International Federation seized

400 points that make a big difference today. Because in the doubles world ranking, Christo and Toma Junior Popov occupy 38th place with 36,360 points, just ahead of Lucas Corvée and Ronan Labar, in 39th place with 36,331 points… According to this ranking, it is therefore the Popov brothers who must represent France in doubles at the Paris Olympic Games. And the National Technical Director announced that he had contacted the International Badminton Federation. “They responded to us saying that they needed more time, that they were going to come back to us a little later, confides Jérôme Careil to RMC. For the moment, we are waiting for confirmation of what led to the number of points for Ronan and Lucas not being good Obviously that changes everything Because they go behind and without any notification. we were not warned of anything. It was just by looking at the ranking that we saw that there was something not normal.” It now remains to be seen how this strange affair will be resolved, less than 100 days before the opening ceremony.

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