Francis Ngannou Claims Foul Play in Heavyweight Boxing Defeat to Anthony Joshua

By Joël Pütz | Sports journalist

Francis Ngannou experienced a serious setback in early March, when he was knocked down by Anthony Joshua. He also returned to his defeat a few weeks after the events… and according to him, there was something fishy around the poster.

Last October, opinions were rave about Francis Ngannou. If he had been declared the loser against Tyson Fury, his debut in English boxing had been praised by all and many people thought that he had been robbed of the victory. enough to allow him to seriously consider a career in the ring.

As a result, his second fight against Anthony Joshua was particularly anticipated… but their clash at the beginning of March ended brutally. While he had lasted 10 rounds against Fury, the former UFC heavyweight champion was knocked out in the second round by the Briton, even though the latter had already violently knocked him out the first time. to the mat a few minutes earlier.

The rest was obviously not very happy for the Predator, who was badly humiliated by his former boss Dana White in the UFC. But if the result of the fight is indisputable, he continues to claim that he was not in his normal state when he entered the ring to face Joshua. Recently guest on the show Equinoxe TVthe Cameroonian superstar added a layer on the subject:

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My vision was a little blurry that evening. JI have a little feeling as if my hands were tied, there was no balance, that things were not fair, I was never present in this fight.

A speech that sticks to the one he delivered a few days after his terrible KO. Obviously, the native of Batié was not in his best form.

Francis Ngannou accuses the boxing world after his KO

However, Ngannou also believes that everything was done to diminish him physically and thus hasten his defeat. He particularly complains about the fact that Joshua arrived in the arena much later than him, while the PFL superstar had to marinate on site for four hours. He even goes so far as to talk about conspiracy:

Joshua is in a system where I am not (…) A system that benefits a lot of people, an organization, boxing still remains an institution that benefits certain people. I wronged them with the fight against Tyson Fury, after the fight against Tyson Fury, boxing was questioned (…) I have nothing against defeat, but I do not want my defeat to be motivated by someone else.

Obviously, Francis Ngannou has not yet fully digested his heavy defeat against Anthony Joshua. If he has no way of proving his words, the Predator remains convinced: everything has been done so that he cannot win this clash of the Titans.

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