Former Professional Basketball Player Sentenced for DUI in Takamatsu City

In December of last year (2023), a trial was held for a former professional basketball player accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in Takamatsu City, and the Takamatsu District Court handed down a suspended sentence on the same day. Ta.

The person who was sentenced was 37-year-old Yamamoto Sherwin Edward Kayauyau, also known as “Edward Yamamoto,” a former player for the men’s professional basketball team Kagawa Five Arrows. According to the ruling, Yamamoto is said to have driven a passenger car on a city road in Imazato-cho, Takamatsu City while under the influence of alcohol in December last year.

The trial was handed down on the same day, and Judge Tsugufumi Ikeuchi of the Takamatsu District Court ruled that Yamamoto had re-offended despite receiving fines for crimes such as driving under the influence of alcohol in the past. accused of disrespecting. He sentenced him to eight months in prison, suspended for three years.

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