Former Basketball Star Tony Parker’s Successful Transition into Business: Passion, Projects, and Overcoming Setbacks

Published9. April 2024, 08:30

Ex-basketball star: Tony Parker, success and setbacks of a career change in business

When he talks about his career change in business, the former basketball star speaks of “passion”, but remains evasive when asked about his setbacks.

When he talks about his career change in business, former basketball star Tony Parker speaks of “passion”; he willingly shares his experience with the general public but remains evasive when asked about his setbacks. “I created a group based on passion, I try to have an impact on society, it’s my way of giving back to the new generation (….) I share my experiences, human adventure takes precedence over my choices,” he explains in an interview withAFP.

Since his retirement from sports in 2019, the former leader of the French team and quadruple NBA champion, now aged 41, has multiplied projects with his group Infinity Nine (I9), named in reference to the number 9 that he wore to the San Antonio Spurs. “It’s going very, very well, we’re having great times together with the group,” he says.

“I always try to stay positive and I think there are always solutions”

“The impulse that always leads higher” is the slogan of this company bringing together two basketball teams — Asvel Villeurbanne and Lyon Asvel feminine — a training center focused on sports, a media agency, a stud farm, a stable race horses and a wine estate. When there are setbacks, “I always try to stay positive and I think there are always solutions,” he says in response to questions about the recent difficulties of certain partners and projects.

At the beginning of April, his alliance with the boss of AS Monaco Basket, the Russian-Hungarian businessman Aleksej Fedoricsev, to buy the OL Vallée Arena – a new 16,000-seat venue in the Lyon metropolis – did not succeed. convinced: it was Holnest, the company of the former boss of OL, Jean-Michel Aulas, which was selected during the exclusive discussions phase. In addition, the Skweek platform, a subsidiary of the Fedcom group owned by the same oligarch, only paid a third of the 7.5 million euros provided for in its sponsorship contract for the 2023/24 season, causing financial difficulties at Tony Parker’s clubs, according to corroborating sources.

“All of this has nothing to do with me.”

“Regarding Asvel, we want to remain positive, they told us that they would keep their commitments,” assures “TP” while refusing to “talk numbers.” Aleksej Fedoricsev – who built his fortune in maritime freight – and three of his companies (Fedcominvest Europe, Fedcom Invest and Fedcominvest Monaco) were hit with sanctions by the Ukrainian authorities in October 2022 and May 2023, banning all activity in Ukraine and any capital export, according to official documents obtained in kyiv.

“This has no impact on commercial activities”, but “it complicates banking movements”, affirmed to theAFP his Monegasque lawyer Arnaud Zabaldano. “An appeal has been initiated” to “request the cancellation of these sanctions”, but “no date for deliberation is foreseeable given the state of the situation in the country”, he specified. “All of this has nothing to do with me,” underlines Tony Parker.


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