Fans of Pistoia Basketball Team Attacked by Virtus Bologna Ultras: Police Investigation Underway


Some fans of the Pistoia basketball team were attacked by a group of Virtus Bologna fans. The events, according to what one of the victims reported, happened immediately after the internal match of the Black Vs, lost by coach Banchi’s team in the final. “We are a group of friends who are passionate about basketball – writes Il Resto del Carlino, reporting the words of Luca, one of the attacked – and we have come to Bologna on away matches several times. The other evening we arrived at the Virtus Segafredo Arena at the Fiera an hour and a half early and tried to park inside. We were told that it wasn’t possible and to go and park the car in the parking space between via Michelino and via della Fiera”.

After the match, and Pistoia’s victory, Luca and his friends return to their car: “It was around 10.15pm. While we were crossing the road, a car almost hit us and I, instinctively, shouted ‘Be careful ‘. Then we arrived at the car park and I started to put our things in the trunk”. While they were getting back into the car, however, Luca and his friends were caught by a group of five or six people: “I suddenly heard a shout: ‘These are ultras, let’s go!’ and in an instant they were on us. It lasted thirty seconds, but it was very bad.” One of the attackers had a belt with him, another a stick, with which he hit Luca full in the face. “There were five or six of them – continues Luca –. I didn’t see much, but my friends said they noticed the Virtus Bologna crest.” Furthermore, during the scuffle, the attackers stole the banner that Luca and his friends had with them and vandalized their car, breaking one of the rear-view mirrors.

After the attack, Luca asked Digos and the stewards of the Segafredo Arena for help. The following day, after the hospital report, he filed a complaint with the Massa Carrara police station, where the twenty-three-year-old lives. Now the police are carrying out investigations to track down the group of alleged attackers.

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