Exciting Last Day of the NBA Regular Season: Playoff Seeding Up for Grabs

The last day of the NBA regular season will be exciting. Oklahoma City, Minnesota y Denver They aspire to number 1 in the Conference West. All seeds, from 2nd to 8th, are in play in the Conference It is.

On Sunday, with the 30 teams in contention and European time (from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. the start of matches is scheduled), nine seeds will be decided, three pairings from the first round of the playoffs and three tiebreaker games.

“There are so many possibilities and different things that can happen that you have to lock yourself into your team or you’ll go crazy watching other games and wishing and waiting,” the Phoenix guard said. Devin Booker. “So either way, you’re going to face someone and we have to be prepared for it.”

This would be the guide to the highlights:

WHAT WE KNOW: Boston is No. 1 in the East and has home field advantage during the NBA playoffs. The Angels Clippers They are number 4 of the West and will open the playoffs against No. 5 Dallas. And No. 9 Chicago hosts No. 10 Atlanta in an East playoff game on Tuesday or Wednesday. On Sunday they play their last games of the season: Brooklyn, Toronto, Charlotte, Washington, Detroit, Houston, Utah, Memphis, Saint Anthony y Portland. Everything else remains up in the air.


Contenders: Milwaukee, New York, Cleveland.

Calendar: Milwaukee in Orlando, Chicago in New York, Charlotte in Cleveland.

Perspectives: For the Bucks, it’s simple. If they win in Orlando, Milwaukee will be the second seed. The Bucks would also finish second with a loss, as long as the Bulls and Hornets also win. New York can get to No. 2 with a win and a Milwaukee loss. Cleveland’s only path to No. 2 is a win and losses to Milwaukee and New York.


Contenders: Orlando, Indiana, Philadelphia, Miami.

Calendar: Milwaukee not Orlando, Atlanta not Indiana, Brooklyn not Philadelphia, Toronto not Miami.

Perspectives: A real madness. All four teams have a chance of finishing fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth. Obviously, two will miss the tournament entirely and go directly to the playoffs. Orlando qualifies for the playoffs with a victory. The Magic would be fifth if they win and the Pacers win, or if they win and the Hawks and Nets win, or if all four contending teams lose. Indiana would also qualify for the playoffs with a win. The Pacers would get to No. 5 with a win and a Magic loss. Philadelphia’s only path to No. 5 is to win and Indiana to lose. And the reigning East champion, Miami (which last year reached the NBA Finals outside of the play-in), has only one path to No. 5: win and the other three teams lose. The Heat could reach No. 6 with a win, a Magic loss and the 76ers and Pacers combining (1-1) on Sunday.


Contenders: Oklahoma City, Minnesota, Denver.

Calendar: Phoenix and Minnesota, Denver and Memphis, Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Perspectives: It is the first time that three teams have the same record (56-25) and all aspire to first place in a conference on the final day. The only chance for Denver to get No. 1 is for the Timberwolves and Thunder to win and lose. Minnesota would get No. 1 with a win and a loss for the Nuggets or Thunder. Oklahoma City will be seeded No. 1 if all three teams win, if all three lose, or with a win and a loss for the Timberwolves.


Contenders: Nueva Orleans, Phoenix.

Calendar: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans, Phoenix at Minnesota.

Perspectives: Phoenix must win and the Pelicans lose for the Suns to reach 6th place. Otherwise, Phoenix will be seventh and qualify for the playoffs, and New Orleans will be sixth.


Contenders: Sacramento, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State. Calendar: Portland at Sacramento, Lakers at New Orleans, Utah at Golden State.

Perspectives: If the Lakers win, they will be eighth. The Lakers could lose and remain in 8th place if the Kings and Warriors lose. Golden State’s only path to No. 8 is one win plus victories by Portland and Utah. The Warriors can get to No. 9 and set up a playoff game with a win and a loss for the Lakers or Kings. Sacramento would reach No. 8 with a win and a Lakers loss.

No matter what happens on Sunday, Washington y Detroit They will end up with winning percentages below 20%. This is the fifth season in NBA history in which two teams have been this bad, the first since New Jersey and Minnesota accomplished the ignominious feat in 2009-10. It also occurred in 1998-99 (Vancouver and the Clippers), 1997-98 (Denver and Toronto) and 1996-97 (Vancouver and Boston).


Detroit, Washington and the third-worst team in the league will have the best chance of winning next month’s draft lottery, at 14% each. If Charlotte loses in Cleveland, the Hornets ensure they also have a 14% chance. A loss doesn’t guarantee the No. 1 for the Hornets, of course, but a win increases the chances that they can slip out of the lottery outside the top three and possibly even pick as low as No. 9.

Time of all matches (Spanish peninsular time):

19:00 Boston Celtics-Washington Wizards

19:00 Cleveland Cavaliers-Charlotte Hornets

19:00 Indiana Pacers-Atlanta Hawks

19:00 Miami Heat-Toronto Raptors

19:00 New York Knicks-Chicago Bulls

19:00 Orlando Magic-Milwaukee Bucks

19:00 Philadelphia 76ers-Brooklyn Nets

21:30 Golden State Warriors-Utah Jazz

21:30 Los Angeles Clippers-Houston Rockets

21:30 Memphis Grizzlies-Denver Nuggets

9:30 PM Minnesota Timberwolves-Phoenix Suns

21:30 New Orleans Pelicans-Los Angeles Lakers

21:30 Oklahoma City Thunder-Dallas Mavericks

21:30 Sacramento Kings-Portland Trail Blazers

21:30 San Antonio Spurs-Detroit Pistons

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