“Every time I increased the power of my shot, the discomfort increased,” Alcaraz explains his loss to Barcelona

Forfeited this week in Barcelona, ​​Carlos Alcaraz should be present next week at the Masters 1000 in Madrid, where he hopes to defend his title.

Tennis: Carlos Alcaraz withdraws from the Masters 1000 in Monte-Carlo, Carlos Alcaraz was forced to withdraw once again this week from the Barcelona tournament, due to compression of the median nerve in his right arm.

“I came home from Monte Carlo to see if with rest, time, training and patience I could arrive in good shape in Barcelona. Saturday morning, I had a scanner and the images were reassuring, but on Sunday, it didn’t go as I wanted, each time I increased the power of my strike, the discomfort increased.he detailed at a press conference.

The world number 3 should be present in Madrid, but he prefers to delay: “My intention is (to play) the Masters 1000 in Madrid, but I’m not sure of anything”said Alcaraz in front of the press. “I don’t want to be presumptuous and pretend that I will be 100% at the Madrid Open, even if that is my goal”he added.


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