Esteban Ocon (15th in qualifying): “There are lots of details that still make us suffer”

Esteban Ocon (Alpine, 15th in qualifying): “It’s a little satisfaction. Before qualifying, we didn’t imagine moving into Q2. So getting there is not bad. But we couldn’t do better after that. We will see for the race what we can do and if we can grab any points. There are lots of details that still make us suffer. There is not one place in particular that is our weakness, it is almost everywhere that we must progress. We have maximized the potential of the car but we need more. I believe we now have a direction but we will have to work to get there. I feel it’s difficult for everyone not yet to see the results of the incredible work done in the factory and on the track. It leaves a bitter aftertaste but that’s how it is. We’ll get there eventually. »

Pierre Gasly (Alpine, 17th in qualifying): “My first sector was good but it became complicated afterward. The degradation I experienced was massive. I think we overheated the tires very quickly in the lap, the car started to slide. I was surprised at turn 9 then at turn 11 with a few racket hits. I don’t think we’re at the best yet in preparing to warm up the tires. We need to work more in this sector. On the Esteban (Ocon) side, they are doing better. »


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