Emma Raducanu’s Triumph at WTA Stuttgart: A Season of Resurgence and Success

Emma Raducanu had a great start at the WTA in Stuttgart after beating Angelique Kerber. And the British woman achieved her third victory on land this season after the Billie Jean King Cup, a season that means the rebirth of her tennis after her time away from the courts. So, with a firm step, Raducanu spoke at a press conference about her clay game, how she feels physically and her work with her childhood coach, Nick Cavaday.

“This year I have been training very well. I probably started training just this year because in December I was getting in shape after the surgeries. I think my serve is more of a weapon now and I played some great tennis last weekend. Playing again tomorrow is more of a challenge for my body, but mentally I think I’m in a good place and gaining a lot of confidence from my training. I feel like I can lean on that more now because I’m doing the work, whereas last year was harder. “Exactly a year ago I played my last game before my operation, so it’s kind of a historic moment for me and I feel like I’ve come a long way in that year,” he said. Emma Raducanu in it WTA Stuttgart.

– Confidence with the service and good level

“I know this week is a challenge for me because I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired, but I would rather be in this position where I have played a lot of games and I feel more tired than being fresh. It’s funny because you always want something you can’t have, but I’m playing very good tennis. I feel like I’m much more dominant in my service games. I feel like I’m playing at a good level and I even knew that before going to the Fed Cup. I think it’s a combination of doing weeks of good training and doing the right things.”

– About its good adaptation to clay

“Since I was very little I have always loved moving on this surface. I love sliding and feel like I’m pretty good at it with both legs, which is a strength. As I get in better shape and my technique becomes cleaner, I will be better able to hold the longer points and generate from further back. I feel like I’m developing more versatility in my game and I can adapt. That is a great strength because if in a game there are things that do not work according to the initial plan, you have to change something.”

– His work back with Nick Cavaday, his youth coach

“I feel very comfortable working with Nick. I’ve known him since I was little, so he’s someone I feel like I can trust, which is very important to me. It’s just nice to have people that I know from before I became famous, someone who knew me before all that. You know that his intentions are good and they did not come after the victory. He knows pretty well how I work. He would say I haven’t changed at all since he was 8 or 9, but everything around me has. Mentally I feel like I’m exactly the same person. So we’ve been doing a good job this year, and it’s starting to show, but the training weeks we’ve had since the beginning have been slowly increasing. I believe that when everything comes together, great things are going to happen.”

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