“Don Cassio” was furious. And he had had enough. “This is a nightmare. How much longer?”

– Will there be a show? I’ll see. Maybe I’ll just knock him out in the first round and that’s it – said Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński, who, after Friday’s weigh-in and media training, had a chat with Arkadiusz Tańcula on stage. It’s rare for “Don Kasjo” to be thrown off balance, but on Friday Tańcula managed to do it. – You won’t get out of the cage on your own – “Don Cassio” shouted at him.

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On Saturday, Tańcula was the first to move forward. It was a boxing fight, with large gloves, so in the “Don Kasjo” formula, who survived the beginning and later scored well with his right and took his opponent’s punches in the guard. And he danced during the break between rounds, as if to show that he wasn’t tired at all.

“Don Kasjo” – Tańcula. “It’s probably some kind of injury.”

But they were both tired. Although more so for Tańcula, who showed his thumb and his right glove after the second round. – This must be some kind of injury – commentators wondered. However, Tańcula entered the third round, in which he tried to clinch. “Don Kasjo” then started throwing up his hands, getting angry and asking the judge “what is he doing and how long will it take?”

– This is a nightmare for Arek – said the commentators as “Don Kasjo” bombarded his opponent with further blows. In the third and fourth rounds. “Don Kasjo” won both. As well as the entire fight – by unanimous decision of the judges. This was the last fight at the Prime MMA 8 gala. And how did the remaining fights go? Below we present all the results.

Prime MMA 8. Fight results.

Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński def. Arkadiusz Tańcula by unanimous decision of the judges, boxing, big gloves Dariusz “Daro Lew” Kaźmierczuk def. Michał “Bagieta” Gorzelańczyk by TKO, 1st round, K1, big gloves Paweł “Prezes” Jóźwiak def. Jakub “Japczan” Piotrowicz by TKO, 3rd round, K1, small gloves Final of the Gladiator Games – winner: Rafał Pazik, boxing, small gloves, 4 players, each against each other, possibility of finishing Jakub “Paramaxil” Frączek def. Tomasz Olejnik by TKO, 1st round, MMA/K1/MMA Maciej “Kaczor BRS” Kaczmar def. Jaś Kapela by TKO, 2nd round, MMA/MMA/K1 Dominik Skowyra def. Krystian “Krycha UFC” Wilczak by unanimous decision of the judges, MMA Sandra Smoroń and Aleksandra Daniel def. Paulina Porzucek and Karolina Gackowska by TKO, K1, small gloves Przemysław “Kolar” Kolarczyk def. Jakub Lasik by TKO, 1st round – boxing, small gloves (Kolar fights with a tied hand) Damian “Dzik” Graf def. Tomasz “Chica” Galewski by TKO, 2nd round, K1, small gloves Kasia “Zajaffka” Kubiak def. Wiola Kotelecka by unanimous decision of the judges, K1, small gloves Rafał Pazik and Maciej “Wujek Samo Zło” Gnatowski def. Łukasz “Kamerzysta” Wawrzyniak and Łukasz “Magical JR” Malankowski via TKO Ronaldo “Czarny Polak” Miranda and Hubert “Dredziasty” Węzka def. Marek “Kirimasu” Jówka and Patryk “Robalini” Śliwa by TKO and disqualification (“Robalini”)
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