Dominating the Field: DNF Female Judo Brushing Guide with Added Points

ESPNSTAR Chinese website: 1. dnf70 version of female judo brushing with points (full of awakening)
2. DNF female judo brush map plus points
3. DNF female judo brush picture plus points
4. Please add points to the DNF female judo drawing.

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  • dnf70 version of female judo sketch with added points (full of awakening)
  • DNF female judo brush picture plus points
  • DNF female judo brush picture plus points
  • Please add some points to the DNF female judo drawing
  • 1. dnf70 version of female judo sketch with added points (full of awakening)

    1.[Back Throw]: I am fully satisfied, because I personally think that the main damage of judo brush map is shock wave, so it is fully rated (I clicked on forced back throw, because it is a convenient skill, and it is very incoherent to not click on the brush map).

    2.[Throwing]: I am full, the main skill. Shock wave skills. The damage is higher than the back throw, and the control of monsters is even less important. The main purpose of judo brushing is to control monsters (I won’t go into details about the forced throw, I don’t have it, and it’s really not that useful)

    3.[Breaking Neck]I clicked level 8 because I personally think the highlight of this skill is the ability to pin down monsters. The advantage of higher points is that the time to pin down monsters is lengthened. But since the purpose of brushing the map is to kill monsters and not to appreciate what the monsters look like, level 8 neck snapping is enough time for you to use other skills (forced neck snapping is okay, because when judo fights monsters, you use weapons to hit them. There’s very little time, I’m basically using skills for output, so I don’t have any points)

    4. The must-have skill of[Grabbing Cannon]can only be leveled up to one level. The only reason is that when encountering building monsters, throwing and back throwing are released in another form. You will know after using it –

    5.[Throwing Skill Strengthening]is a skill that increases the damage of all shock wave skills in disguise.

    6. I have full points for[Sliding Grab]because this skill increases the sliding distance of sliding skills. The distance of level 10 is enough for you to control the whole scene. Of course, you cannot slide from one end of the door to the other.

    7.[Violent Grab]must be full of skills. The reason is that I broke my back.

    8. Throwing and other grabbing skills have become one-hit skills.Although the number of judo misses in this version has been reduced, the occasional miss does not hurt, so this skill is definitely a magical skill, and grabbing skills become 100% hit.

    9.[Brutal Collision]must be full of skills.Because there will be a lot of monsters since it is a brush map. The more monsters there are, the more advantage it can show. Not only does it deal high damage, but it can also collide continuously. As long as the body touches the monster, it is a great feeling.

    10.[Empty Winch]It depends on your personal situation. If the monster chain is very smooth, it will be full. You can add a few levels, but you must add it. 1: High damage

    11. Two: Shock wave skills.But it is not suitable for novice players because it requires high control ability. Go watch other people’s videos to see how they use it.

    12.[Thunderbolt Elbow Strike]does a lot of damage, but unfortunately, I only clicked level 1 as a finishing skill. The disadvantage is that it is suitable for finishing and will scatter the monsters.Affects image passing speed

    13.[Comet Spiral Fall]must be full of skills. First of all, not to mention the high damage, the main monster gathering skill, dissatisfaction will be in vain (if it is mandatory, it is definitely worth it if you don’t use it, but if you do, it will feel like a waste)

    14.[Hell’s Cradle]must be the main high-output skill. If you hug the monster, it will make you happy.

    15.[Split the Rock and Break the Sky]Skill 45, I have it full. Just looking at the absolute value of the damage, not to mention that it has the ability to gather monsters that is not inferior to Comet Spiral Fall. Some people say that the CD cooldown time is too long.I don’t think so. Who knows who uses it? It’s super practical to fight some green monsters.

    16.[Active Awakening]I click level 3 because I personally think that firstly, it does not cause high damage, and secondly, this skill is useful as a monster gathering skill, so it is not very practical.And that

    17.[Passive Awakening]To increase hit points, I clicked level 1, because from the brush map I can feel that there are not many misses in Judo, so there is no need to fill it up. You can increase the remaining SP by yourself! If you can add 1 to the skill of Tornado Kick, it is best to add 1 because it is a skill linked to the air winch.

    2. DNF female judo brush map plus points

    >>>>>General skills<<<<

    >>>>> SP Skills<<<<

    >>>>> TP(EX) Skills<<<<

    If you want to equip the weapon, use the Lord Tower to be a hero in January-February. If you don’t want to make a necklace for a long time, use the insect chain. If you don’t want to do it for a long time, use the insect chain. If you want the ring to be a soul eater, you should buy a bone ring. If you have the left slot, since you have the capital to go out of the sky, buy a pair. The attack left and right slots are strong. Equipment recommendation is Yuan San 1. Death Call 6. It is an all-round equipment and suitable for any map. The main reason is that the CD reduction effect of the two major skills is too obvious. Moderation breaks out only on its own terms.

    2. Death Call 9, the first choice for face fighters, no worse than Death Call 6, the best equipment in the hell-level alien world.

    3. Devouring Nebula 9, which is only on par with the general equipment of Death 6. It is the first choice for high-strength arm armor weapons.

    4. Guardian of the Sky 9, with higher burst and poor flexibility. Normally leveling is not as good as Death 6, and its performance in other worlds is more eye-catching.

    5. The whole picture of Xuan Long Duo Soul 9 can be captured. It is a highly recommended set. The value of this 9-piece set is definitely beyond your imagination.

    In summary, excluding the comprehensive index of acquisition difficulty, personal recommendation: Death Call 9>Death Call 6>Nebula 9>Tian Shou 9>Xuanlong 9. Alien index: Death Call 9> Nebula 9> Sky Guard 9> Death Call 6> Xuan Long 9; Ordinary map index: Death Call 9> Death Call 6> Nebula 9> Xuan Long 9> Tian Shu 9.

    3. DNF female judo brush picture plus points

    In terms of physical skills, there are four colorless skills: spiral, cradle, rock cracking, and awakening must be full without any dispute;

    6 tricks: King Kong 5 in front, full of brutal collision; neck snap, back throw, throw, and empty winch. These 4 are based on personal preference and

    For the final remaining SP points, choose 2 full points and others first;

    Passive skills: Back throw enhancement, violent grab, throwing skill enhancement, full slide grab or 7

    Forced skills: back throwing, throwing, neck bending, spiral force brushing is useless

    In terms of rage, crouching has 1 SP left, which is not very useful, but it will save you a lot of trouble in some special situations.

    General: crouching for 1 physical critical hit and back blast depending on SP. Full double blast is recommended.

    Passive: EX power is full, EX hit and passive awakening will be decided based on which one of you has more TP or SP.

    When EX spiral is full, EX back throw and EX brutality are chosen according to whether EX hit and attribute strength are selected.

    First is the neck fold. Neck-breaking is a magical skill for controlling the field, no matter whether you are PKing or not. In the later stage, when facing a difficult BOSS, your neck will be stiff for 2.75 seconds, which will give you enough time to prepare and adjust, and you will also be able to take advantage of better allocation of skill CDs. But if the SP is tight, then you can consider only forcing 5 or 10 to make it easier to break the neck and then charge up the barbaric force;

    Secondly, about passive awakening and EX hit. The MISS in the map of version 70 hero level is very high.Strengthening hits is a must-do method

    In terms of effect, the panel effects of EX hit and passive awakening are almost the same. The difference is that one consumes SP and the other consumes 3 TP.

    Personally, I think choosing 1 from 2 can basically meet the hit needs. Those who are particularly demanding on hits and are willing to give up other individual skills can be full.The choice depends on your SP and TP surplus.

    4. Please add points to the DNF female judo drawing.

    1. If you don’t learn all the skills by force, you really can’t use them for brushing pictures. There are very few xxx in judo, so you can’t use them by force.

    2. Full back fall (the damage is very high, mobs will be killed when a critical hit is made, and the CD is very short)

    3. Sliding and grabbing level 7 (many people have tried this skill. There is really not much difference between level 7 and level 10. Save that SP)

    4. Full throw (many people say that monsters cannot be thrown in the later stage, such as crocodiles. Throw it up to create space for protection. In fact, it depends on the technique. If you throw it down, see if it will protect it? There are also throws down to produce a back hit. Hit effect, damage can be spread to surrounding mobs)

    5. Neck-folding 1 (I point 1 now. To be honest, I rarely use this skill because there are too many grabbing skills in Judo, so neck-folding is rarely used. However, if you have the remaining points, you can add them. If not, I recommend 1.

    6. Thunder Elbow Level 1 (rarely catchable in the later stages)

    7. The air winch is full (the CD is short, the damage is considerable, and this skill can catch monsters in the air, and there will be a higher brutal collision) (percentage skill, without strengthening the weapon, you can also deal beautiful damage)

    8. Comet Fall Full (a very powerful monster gathering skill, with the 55 pink weapon, after grabbing a bunch of monsters, they can savagely collide in seconds)

    9. Hell’s Cradle is full (very good skill, after the dark attribute is strengthened, the damage will be higher)

    10. Break the Stone and Break the Sky Full (This skill is remarkable, but I chose Full because the damage is really good)

    11. Doomsday Storm is full (the damage of this skill is average, but it is very powerful to control the field and gather monsters. If you are a wealthy person, you can choose 1. I often form a team with him full, but it is still recommended to be full.

    12. It is recommended not to learn the whirlwind kick. It depends on personal habits. I rarely use this skill, plus it is too expensive)

    13. Physical critical hits and full physical back hits are sometimes too illusory, and I don’t know if they will have any effect. Don’t learn to save SP first.

    14. Strengthen Comet Fall 1 or 2 attribute enhancement 3 (because my dark attribute is strengthened, many people don’t understand it. When you take the dark attribute tendency potion, I am now 51 dark strength, and the damage is really improved a lot. The most obvious one is back fall. Hell’s Cradle, Comet, Ojo) Aerial Mastery 1 (almost ok) ex Hell’s Cradle 1

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