Diversifying Watchmaking: The Rise of Complicated and Gem-Set Watches for Men

Calibers and carats – Watchmaking rules men

Published today at 3:30 p.m.

Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, known as “A-Rod,” wears a Jacob & Co. Epic X Tourbillon Chrono Baguette. Pieces of this type are multiplying and are aimed at a wider and, above all, more diverse audience.

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Watchmaking mentalities sometimes struggle to change. The weight of traditions, opinions and, sometimes, a lack of vision weigh on its ability to embrace the diversity of tastes of its customers. A priori, it has long confined complicated and gem-set watches to ladies, rappers and customers from certain oriental markets. Faced with an often anecdotal offer, the wealthiest men opted for special orders while others diverted pieces intended for ladies from their initial vocation.

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