Detroit Pistons Look to Shake Up Front Office After Disastrous Season

The Detroit Pistons have finally concluded their infamous 23-24 season, which, with a record of 14-68, has become the worst in their history. And in the face of a disaster like this, the time has come to change things.

It does not seem that the position of Monty Williams, coach, nor that of Troy Weaver, general manager, are in danger, but management could bring in someone who is above them. According to James Edwards III, journalist for The Athleticowner Tom Gores is considering hiring a new president of operations, who would become the franchise’s highest sports authority and act as the brain of this headless chicken that the Pistons have been in recent years.

The position of president of operations has been vacant in Detroit since 2018, and filling it could be the first step to begin to give coherence to a project that does not seem to have a clear direction right now. Someone with an external vision, not conditioned by recent bad seasons, could try to set a roadmap and begin to direct the team somewhere, taking advantage of the young talent that exists and surrounding it with the necessary pieces to start growing. Because this squad has been rebuilding for so long that it needs to be rebuilt again.

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However, the real reason for this hiring could be the fact that it is simply the only option to change something. Last summer, Monty Williams signed the largest contract that any coach had signed to date, and firing him with five guaranteed seasons ahead seems like a waste that the franchise cannot afford. Similar case with Weaver, who despite having made this squad signed an extension that comes into effect this year, also making his dismissal unfeasible. Now we will see if the person who arrives finally manages to change things or if this team is destined for more years of penance.

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