Cueto, the brain in the RFEF surrounded by suspicious payments and hiring of spies that ‘sold’ to Rubiales

Tomás González Cueto, appointed during the It was Rubiales. external lawyer of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), appears as a key character in the plot investigated by Judge Delia Rodrigo, who is investigating allegedly corrupt conduct by those responsible for the organization since 2019. telephone interventions and document analysis carried out by the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard draw their important position of power within the Federation, which would be used to influence the board’s decision-making.

The investigations point to extraordinary payments that would be billed to the RFEF independently, hiring detective agencies to serve Rubiales’ personal interests, responsibility in channeling commissions and possible conflicts of interest given his status as Commissioner of External Control, a newly created position for which he was appointed by the president who resigned last September.

Despite this, in a private conversation intercepted by the agents, the lawyer does not seem to share his friend’s ways of behaving once he left office. “He says he needs 100,000 euros a month. He’s saying some things. Really. He’s like a fucking goat,” he said in reference to Rubiales in a phone call recorded on March 6, as reported by this newspaper.

The Civil Guard makes a detailed portrait of González Cueto in the report that justified the operation carried out on March 20, which led to the search of both the federation headquarters and a dozen homes by order of the Investigative judge number 4 of Majadahonda (Madrid) as revealed by the summary to which El Periódico de España, from the Prensa Ibérica group, has had access.

Rubiales’ legal strategist was arrested and brought before the judge two days later, and was released despite refusing to testify. He is accused, on an indirect basis, of drug trafficking crimes. influences, corruption in business and unfair administration.

Favorable candidate

According to the Civil Guard, its power would reach “higher instances” and could even reach the federal electoral procedure in order to make it appointed as president the candidate who could favor their interests, maintaining him in the position he currently holds.” Regarding this aspect, this newspaper has already reported on the content of several telephone conversations from which maneuvers are deduced to create “the most favorable electoral context” for Pedro Rocha, current president of the managing commission. of the RFEF and candidate in the recently called elections.

Funds for lawyers and spies

Regarding the discretionary use of Federation phones, the Civil Guard points to the collusion between González Cueto and the former director of legal services Pedro González Segura -defenestrated after the police operation-, to pay third parties using federative funds that would be channeled through the office of the first CG Legal. Furthermore, González Cueto “would not only receive ordinary remuneration in consideration of his position as Commissioner of External Control, but also extraordinary payments from the RFEF that he would bill independently.”

Regarding these payments, the circumstance arises that Cueto himself should have issued favorable reports in his capacity as Commissioner of External Control,” appreciating a conflict of interests since the same person presents the invoices for his law firm and the one who issues favorable report of the same, if applicable,” the researchers point out.

Increase in turnover

In fact, the agents point to a “relevant increase” in your law firm’s billing after the arrival of Rubiales to the Federation, “largely due to the high litigation” during his time. “Tomás, when he joined the Federation with me, had an office with 6 lawyers and now he has an office with twenty-something lawyers. “He had an office that invoiced 500,000 euros and now he has an office that invoices 3 million euros,” the former president himself acknowledged in an intercepted call.

On the other hand, the case contains telephone conversations between González Cueto and Rubiales with another lawyer who represents the former president of the RFEF in different civil proceedings, Pedro Jiménez-Poyato, in which they talk about his subcontracting through GC Legal and the collection of fees derived from said litigation, which The Federation had already analyzed to conclude that it would not be willing to continue paying.

Jiménez-Poyato: “I even, to some, we go to Ramón, he knows it, the house of I don’t know what in Salobreña, a series of things, I say come on, I don’t see this, I don’t see this and so on, and in the end, eh, well, we agreed, he tells me no, everything that comes out against Luis Rubiales must be such, for at least the initiation of the procedure, that it costs them money and such and such.”

González Cueto: “Of course, it was when the Federation paid, but if the Federation doesn’t pay, whoever costs the money (laughs)”

This operation has clear similarities, according to the Civil Guard, with the one carried out for hire the Cryptex Europa detective firm to follow up with the president of the Football Players Association, David Aganzo, to obtain a possible photograph with the President of the League, Javier Tebas. This assignment was also subcontracted through Ramón Caravaca, partner at CG legal.

Furthermore, the investigation has confirmed that the law firm received payments “whose justification is unknown originating” from the construction company Gruconsa -awardee of the contracts for the reform of La Cartuja awarded by the Federation- that would have been channeled through a company of Rubiales’ partner and friend, the also investigated Francisco Javier Martín Alcaide, ‘Nene’. In fact, received two payments in 2021 whose justification is unknown for a total amount of 88,330 euros through the ‘Nene’ company, Dismatec Sport S.L.

In line with these benefits received by Martín Alcalde’s society, the researchers place Cueto’s conversation in which he criticizes Rubiales and acknowledges that he has been “doing rinses to be able to pay some money to guys that he needed to give them money because they had one hand in front and one behind… and he wanted to have them more or less… on his side.”

Regarding that same construction company, the follow-ups made it possible to locate a meeting on February 7 at the De María restaurant in Majadahonda between González Cueto, the director of Gruconsa and brother of Pedro Martínez Segura “in the context of new business opportunities in the field of football and basketball.” The lawyer would participate as head of the Economic Commission of the Federation in the awarding of other works “in which fictitious offers would have been presented so that Gruconsa would be the successful bidder.”

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