Cuban Erick Hernández breaks the Guinness record after controlling the ball for more than 12 hours

The former Cuban soccer player This Saturday, Erick Hernández broke the Guinness record for the longest time touching the ball with the feet by remaining uninterrupted for 12 hours, six minutes and ten seconds.

Hernández, known as ‘The Dominator’the test began at the Copacabana hotel in the capital at 08:00 am local time (12:00 pm GMT) and concluded after 08:00 pm (00:00 GMT).

With this feat, He beat the Iranian Saeid Momivand by six minutes and ten secondswho on December 2, 2022 controlled the ball for exactly 12 hours in the city of Parand, in his native country.

An EFE team verified that the Cuban athlete it gave about 92 blows per minute to the ball in the first hours of the test.

The former soccer player holds the world record for most touches on a ball suspended in the air for 1 hour with a total of 12,237. Also He holds the record for touching the ball with his head 348 times in one minutesurpassing the previous mark of Chinese Gao Chong by 7 times.

His record includes the world record for ball control keep it for 3 hours and 4 minutes sitting on the floor and with 1.5 kilograms of weight tied to each ankle.

For touching the ball 319 times in one minute with his head, and in 2009, when He controlled the ball with his thighs for 1 hour and 28 minutes.

In 2020 it repeated its presence in the Guinness Book, when He hit him with his head 188 times in just 30 seconds, to beat the previous mark by one, which he himself had approved in 2011.

Hernández He began practicing the ball control modality in 1994a tradition that was first practiced by his brother Douglas, a precursor of the specialty in Cuba.

Since then he has proven his ability to touch the ball with almost all parts of the body, achieving dominance marks with thighs, knees, feet, head, sitting, standing or running the 100 meters and the marathon.

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