«Corrupt people, my heart cries»

The famous Italian-Cuban wrestler Frank Chamizo was the protagonist of a harsh outburst on his Instagram profile. The wrestling specialist he was denied victory in the semi-final of the European Pre-Olympic wrestling competitionin Baku, which would have guaranteed him a place at the Paris Games in the 74 kg category.


Chamizo’s outburst on social media

«I want to apologize to those who are watching this (video ed.). My sport is beautiful. This is just a bunch of people taking bribes and bribes. How sad, my heart cries. My sport is beautiful, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry…”

Committed against the home fighter Turan Bayramov, Chamizo went on the attack at 8-8, bringing his opponent to his knees and thus gaining the advantage valid for the victory. But the Azerbaijani team asked for a challenge, an intervention similar to that of the VAR in football or what happens in volleyball, and in the end the referees agreed with Bayramov, who prevailed at 8-8 because, previously, he had achieved the technique with the highest score (four points). As it was the Azerbaijani who qualified for the Games, while now Chamizo has one last chance left, that of the Pre-Olympic open to athletes from all over the world which will take place in a month in Istanbul. This is where the anger of the blue comes from, who won bronze at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and who instead lost the bronze final in Tokyo.


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