Clock Error in Friday’s Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers Game Prologues One Minute and Six Second Longer Match

Friday’s match between the Memphis Grizzlies y Los Angeles Lakers It was one minute and six seconds longer due to an error by the table in the management of the clock.

We have confirmed that the game clock was set incorrectly in the third quarter“, acknowledged this Saturday Tim Frank, spokesperson for the NBA, in a statement collected by American media.

After the possession ran out, the clock was set to 2:20 when it should have been at 1:14.. “That error went unnoticed in real time by the teams, the referees, the clock operator and the table,” he added.

On social networks you can see a video of the match in which Memphis attacks and, in the last seconds, launches two consecutive shots They don’t touch the rim so their possession should end there.

There is a first error on the part of the table since they give a new possession as if the second shot had touched the basket. The referee notices this mistake and stops the play.

However, On the next possession the Lakers do not start the play with 1.14 but with 2.20 due to a new mistake in the clock so that third quarter lasted 13.06 instead of the regulation 12.00.

According to the chain review ESPN, in those 66 extra seconds Grizzlies and Lakers They scored two points each, so the error had no impact on the final result (victory for the Angelenos by 120-123).

2024-04-14 11:43:27
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